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GeoMeasure Clinometer

$ 115.00 CAD


Geomeasure’s clinometers are tough and easy to use inclinometers’s that make any job simple and easy. Our Geo-Measure clinometer is ideal for preliminary surveying or landscaping where slope, angle and percentage of grade determination is required. With an easy adjust angle, you can always get the angle you need. Comes with case.


  • Graduated 0 to ±90 deg., 0 to ±100% on an arc
  • Vernier reads to 10’
  • Square aluminum body and arc


  • Clinometer
  • Soft Padded Carry Case


GeoMeasure’s clinometer is designed to make taking any incline simple and easy. With a clear and easy to view horizon line, it has never been easier to determine the incline of a slope. With the built in mirror, you can easily see the level without having to constantly change your view point.


The determination of angles is made even easier with the large clear numbers on the angle reader, it has never been easier to determine the angles of slopes. With the large and easy to adjust knob, taking the angle is smooth and easy, without much fumbling around.


This entire package is protected by a padded soft carry case that is designed to protect that instrument, all while remaining timelessly stylish. This is the case that will have other contractors, falling over themselves to find out where you got it. This is your job site statement piece.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 5 cm


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