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GeoMeasure 25mm Prism System

$ 99.00 CAD


Geo-Measure’s 25mm prism set is built to last with ease of use in mind. Comes with tilting mini prism assembly, adapters for pole or tribrach mounting, a hook and bracket for hand held work, and a padded nylon cordura belt case.


  • Prism: 25 mm (1″)
  • Prism Offset of 0 mm or -30 mm (0″ or -1.2″)
  • Weighs 0.27 kg (0.6 lb)


  • Complete tilting Mini Prism Assembly
  • Point
  • Bob Prism Mount
  • Padded nylon Cordura Belt Case


The GeoMeasure 25 mm Prism System contains everything you need for a prism.


The prism itself is 25 mm and made entirely of metal. There is no need to worry about plastic parts becoming broken with repeated use. The entire tilting mechanism is designed to be used and abused. It is one solid piece of metal with no welds or weak points to worry about. The prism also features a built in level, to ensure that you always get the proper shot.


As for accessories, you have plenty of options to make this package work. The package includes adapters to work with tribrachs and rover poles. All of the GeoMeasure tribrachs and rover poles are compatible with this tilting prism. The kit also includes a hook and bracket making the prism available to be used as a handheld system.


The entire package can be held in a soft carry case that can attach to your belt and fit into the palm of your hand. This is the ultimate compact and lightweight prism solution.


If you have any questions about this package please contact our sales team.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 14 cm


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