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Surveying equipment rentals

Surveying equipment rentals from Bench Mark

Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies is a survey equipment retailer. We offer affordable short and long-term survey equipment rentals. Through our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can suggest an appropriate rental system and term for your needs. We understand that a surveyor’s time is money, so we individually check out each piece of RTK GNSS equipment before it is sent out on a rental. If you experience difficulties with your equipment, we will get you up and running over the phone, or we can swap your devices to ensure minimal downtime. Regardless of whether you rent or buy, we adhere to a commitment of outstanding customer service.

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If you’re not using your RTK equipment every day, you may want to consider renting RTK GNSS equipment when you need. If you have a long-term need, Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies has standard rental options for 30 and 90 days and has negotiated up to year-long rental terms.

The most important quality for a survey equipment rental is ease of use. You want to maximize your ability to accomplish your work when renting an expensive piece of equipment, if you have to spend hours figuring it out, you are wasting money.

The easiest way to learn the equipment is to check out our YouTube channel where we have 1-minute quick start videos to get you up and running. A quick start guide will also be provided in rental kits to get you going.

If the area you are surveying is larger than 3km­­2 than you should look at getting a base radio to boost your working range. This will save you both time and money on the project due to needing less base setups.

When you come to Bench Mark you don’t have to worry about any technical support issues. We have a five minute up and running guarantee, just give us a call and we can make sure that all your gear is set up properly.

Should i rent or buy?

We have a wide selection of RTK GNSS equipment available to rent, including network rovers, long-range booster radios, and data collectors. Sometimes, it can be more cost-effective to rent these products rather than buy them. At Bench Mark, we ensure the highest standard of product quality and customer service. Each piece of rental equipment receives a function check, including a set-up and data collector test. We also include an instructional cheat sheet and offer in-person instruction to local surveyors if you are unfamiliar with the equipment or a first-time user. If we are shipping your products, we don’t charge for the time spent in shipment. Give us a call anytime to discuss all the benefits of renting from Bench Mark.