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Pre-Owned Survey Equipment

Used surveying equipment

Why Buy From Bench Mark?

For more than 15 years, Bench Mark has been western Canada’s leading supplier of RTK GPS and GNSS equipment. As experts in the industry with a wealth of knowledge about every product we carry, we are equipped to help you choose the right products. We strive to provide the most convenient and positive experience for our customers. While we offer all our products at competitive prices, when you need the most cost-effective solution, you can browse our selection of used surveying equipment. Every piece of used equipment goes through thorough servicing before hitting the market. We then perform a multi-point function test, checking for defects or poor performance. We also replace all missing components. We always have used stock available for your convenience. If you experience any issues with our used products, feel free to give us a call. We can help to guide you to the solution through a five-minute phone conversation.

Used Equipment Condition Guide

used equipment condition for survey equipment


Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies Equipment sells used survey equipment worldwide. We have customers from Canada to Uganda to Mali.

Used survey equipment is a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new system. Depending on the type, age and condition of equipment, a used system can represent significant savings. Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies typically carries equipment of all different price ranges.

Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our used equipment. The equipment is tested in house before it is shipped and is guaranteed to be working on arrival.

RTK Survey equipment is the easiest equipment to use if you have proper instructions given to you at the time of purchase/rental. Most customers can get up and running with 10 simple step by step, one-minute videos that we can email them, or a four-page cheat sheet.

The Benefits Used GPS Survey Equipment

Why Buy Used?

Used GPS survey equipment is a cost-effective way to expand your capabilities and service offerings. We offer used equipment of all types, including levels, theodolites, total stations, and Hemisphere GPS systems. With similar performance to new equipment, used equipment has significant advantages for intermittent use. With the help of our extensive and reliable after-sales service, your used equipment will likely outlast its manufacturer life. Plus, we allow the option of upgrading to new equipment at any time, based on the fair market value of the used system. Our used surveying equipment (including RTK GNSS systems) comes with a 30-day warranty and should have a long and productive life. Shop our excellent selection of high-performing products.

Used Surveying Equipment in Canada

Shop the Used Hemisphere S320

The Hemisphere S320 has been Bench Mark’s leading product for several years. We have sold more Hemisphere S320 RTK GNSS systems than any other system, including pre-owned models. Built surveyor tough, the Hemisphere S320 RTK GPS features a double Lexan EXL resin plastic housing enclosure for durability and long life. This durable construction allows the Hemisphere S320 to withstand a 2-meter pole drop. Its complex board chassis system is built extremely tough to withstand the rigours of land surveying whether you are on a truck or a quad. Tracking both complete GPS and GLONASS constellations, the S320 is highly reliable and accurate, providing 1 cm horizontal and 2 cm vertical accuracy in seconds. The Hemisphere S320 GPS will calculate a fixed solution position in almost any environment, including dense tree canopy, with reliable repeatability. The 8-hour battery life can be extended through the use of Bench Mark’s external power kit, which provides 16 hours of base operation. While the Hemisphere S320 is our best-seller, we have a wide selection of used surveying equipment in Canada, including products from other leading brands like Sokkia and SatLab.