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Used Topcon Hiper II RTK Package

Experience precision redefined with HiPer II by Topcon, a groundbreaking dual-frequency GNSS receiver revolutionizing surveying accuracy and efficiency. Its GPS+ dual-frequency signal tracking ensures precise measurements in challenging terrains, while integrated cable-free technology and customizable receiver options streamline operations. Engineered with durability in mind, the robust magnesium alloy housing and IP67 environmental rating guarantee consistent performance in demanding field conditions. Paired with a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery and efficient data management via SD/SDHC cards, HiPer II offers uninterrupted surveying sessions. Enhanced by intuitive TopSURV field controller software and Topcon Tools suite, this comprehensive GNSS solution empowers surveyors for streamlined data collection, analysis, and manipulation, making HiPer II an essential tool for precision-driven surveying endeavors.

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Product details

  • GPS and GLONASS L1 + L2
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Tough Magnesium Housing
  • 2m Pole Drop Rating
  • 2.43 lbs per Receiver

Package includes

  • Topcon Hiper II Receivers
  • Batteries
  • Antennas
  • Chargers
  • Carrying Case
  • Accessories


Topcon Hiper II

Surveying Precision Redefined:

  • GPS+ Dual Frequency Signal Tracking: Elevate accuracy levels beyond conventional GPS-only receivers, especially in challenging environments with limited sky visibility like urban areas or dense forests, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Integrated Cable-free Technology: Enjoy hassle-free operations with optional internal radios for rovers and base stations, simplifying setup and eliminating external connections for enhanced portability and ease.
  • Network-Ready Modem Integration: Ideal for network RTK, the HiPer II offers internal GSM or CDMA modems, eliminating the need for external hardware, ensuring seamless connectivity and flexibility for surveying tasks.

Tailored for Surveyor’s Needs:

  • Customizable Functionality: The HiPer II’s fully customizable receiver options empower surveyors to tailor the system to suit specific project requirements, providing the flexibility needed for various surveying applications.

Built for Surveying Demands:

  • Robust Construction: Encased in a magnesium alloy housing with an IP67 environmental rating, the HiPer II ensures durability and reliability even in the most demanding field conditions, guaranteeing consistent and precise performance.
  • Long-lasting Power: Equipped with a modern Lithium-Ion battery design, the HiPer II provides extended usage without interruptions, ensuring surveyors stay operational for longer periods.
  • Efficient Data Management: Streamline data storage with SD/SDHC cards, allowing for the organized and efficient storage of extensive survey data, facilitating long-term projects without compromise.

Standard Configuration for Precision Surveying:

The HiPer II standard configuration includes the GNSS receiver, Li-ion batteries, charger, essential cables, spacers, user manual, and a robust carrying case for easy transport and protection.

Explore the HiPer II – an advanced surveying marvel engineered to elevate precision, streamline workflows, and ensure unparalleled reliability for surveyors tackling diverse and complex surveying challenges.


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