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Used Nikon XS 5″ Total Station

This used Nikon XS series total station is in great condition. The unit has some scuffs and scratches but is in great working condition. The hard case is scuffed and scratched but all of the latches are working and not broken.

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Product details

  • 5″ Total Station
  • Laser Plummet
  • Hot Swappable Batteries
  • 800m non-prism EDM
  • 5000 m with Prism
  • Bluetooth

Package includes

  • 1x Nikon XS Series Total Station 5″
  • 3x Batteries
  • 1x Dual Charger
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • Carrying Strap
  • 1x Hard Case


Nikon Survey Equipment

Nikon has been producing survey equipment for over 100 years, and has built their reputation upon outstanding optical instruments. With a long reputation of innovate and reliable products, Nikon has built instruments perfect for those who require accurate and precise instruments. In 2003, Nikon Survey Instruments merged with Trimble in order to continue their proud tradition of high quality and durable survey products.


Nikon XS Total Station

The Nikon XS Series of total stations from Nikon offer an affordable total station option, with outstanding optical and measurement performance. They are perfect for use in a variety of different industries including; survey, construction, engineering, mining, mapping and more. With a lightweight and compact design, the XS series is easy to take to site and setup quickly. With the hot swappable batteries, you can always keep your total station running and on target. With 800 m of reflectorless range and 5000 m of range with a prism, the XS series of total station will be able to measure the points you need.


The Nikon XS series of total stations feature a highly accurate laser Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) to measure distances. The Nikon XS Series total stations feature on-board software that allow you to collect and store angular and distance data on the total station, or with the Bluetooth module connect to a data collector to store data there. So whether you are a Carlson SurvCE, or a MicroSurvey FieldGenius user, the Nikon XS Series total station will get the job done for you. With the built in compensator, you can also account for local atmospheric conditions, as well as the curvature of the Earth. With the dual face keyboard, you can make this total station work for you. The Nikon XS Series of total stations are perfect for those looking for a total station that reduces fatigue and provides an easy and painless worksite to office workflow. With the two batteries in the total station, it could acheive up to 10 h of continuous measurement.


Condition of Equipment

The Nikon XS Series total station available here is a 5″ instrument and is in great condition. There are only minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches. The total station has been tested and was within the expected specifications. The total station comes with 3 batteries, allowing you to hot swap the batteries in the field to extend your working time. This model is the dual face version, and comes with a laser plummet. The previous owner was a surveying firm in BC who regularly used and serviced the total station. They traded in this model towards an RTK system.


All of the used equipment here at Bench-Mark is carefully cleaned and checked before sale. We test and make sure everything that is included is working properly and falls within specifications. If you have any questions about this specific total station, or any of the other equipment we have available, please call us at 1-888-286-3204.


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