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GeoMeasure GM52 2″ Reflectorless Total Station

Experience unparalleled precision and durability with Reflectorless Total Stations, purpose-built to enhance construction surveying. Featuring a swift and accurate Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) system, these instruments cater to the time-sensitive demands of construction projects. The optional Bluetooth® connectivity streamlines communication between total stations and data controllers, eliminating cable clutter and enhancing mobility on construction sites. Advanced angle accuracy ensures precise measurements crucial for successful construction endeavors, while the rugged, waterproof design with an IP66 rating provides durability in diverse environmental conditions.

The Topcon GM-50 Series, designed specifically for construction excellence, offers a class-leading EDM unit for accurate measurements up to 4,000 m. In reflectorless mode, it excels with measurements up to 500 m, ideal for areas with limited reflective surfaces. The series is not only versatile but also cost-efficient, featuring a smaller, lighter design with increased storage capacity. Integrated Bluetooth® capability and rigorous testing for dust-proofing, water-proofing, and environmental resilience ensure these total stations withstand the challenges of construction sites. Elevate your construction surveying efficiency with the GM-50 Series, where precision and durability converge seamlessly.

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Product details

  • 500m Reflectorless
  • User Friendly Onboard Software
  • 2″ Angular Accuracy
  • Dual Axis Compensator
  • 1.5mm + 2ppm Accuracy with Reflector
  • 2mm + 2ppm Accuracy Reflectorless
  • Wireless Bluetooth Communication
  • Laser Plummet
  • 30X Magnification Telescope

Package includes

  • Reflectorless 2″ Total Station
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Manual


GeoMeasure GM52 Total Station

Reflectorless Total Stations: Unlocking Precision and Efficiency

Embrace cutting-edge technology with Reflectorless Total Stations, a revolutionary solution designed to elevate your surveying and site layout experience. Let’s delve into the key features that set these instruments apart:

Fast and Accurate Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM):

Experience a new level of speed and precision with the state-of-the-art EDM system. Swift and accurate measurements are at your fingertips, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of your surveying tasks.

Optional Bluetooth® Communications:

Connectivity is key, and the Reflectorless Total Stations provide an optional Bluetooth® feature for seamless communication. This wireless capability enhances data transfer to your controller, eliminating the hassle of cables and streamlining your workflow.

Advanced Angle Accuracy:

Precision is paramount in surveying, and these total stations boast advanced angle accuracy, guaranteeing that your measurements are as accurate as possible. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace the confidence that comes with top-notch angle precision.

Long Battery Life – 14 Hours:

Uninterrupted work is now a reality with a remarkable battery life of up to 14 hours. This extended power ensures that you can tackle extensive surveying tasks without the need for frequent recharging, adding a new level of convenience to your fieldwork.

Rugged, Waterproof Design with IP66 Rating:

Confront challenging environments with confidence. The total stations feature a rugged and waterproof design, validated with an IP66 rating. These instruments are built to withstand the elements, ensuring reliability in diverse and unpredictable conditions.

500 m Long-Range Reflectorless Measurement:

Expand your reach with an extraordinary 500 m long-range reflectorless measurement capability. This unparalleled feature provides flexibility in surveying large areas and allows you to capture accurate measurements even when a reflective surface is not readily available.

50,000 Point Internal Memory:

Capture and store extensive data effortlessly with an internal memory capable of holding up to 50,000 points. This generous storage capacity ensures that you have ample room for your survey data, facilitating a smooth and organized data management process.

Class-Leading EDM Unit:

The GM-50 Series is equipped with a class-leading EDM unit, allowing measurements of up to 4,000 m with an outstanding accuracy of 1.5 mm + 2 ppm to standard prisms. This superior EDM unit ensures precise and reliable measurements in various surveying scenarios.

Reflectless Mode Excellence:

In reflectorless mode, the GM-50 Series achieves measurements up to 500 m with an incredible accuracy of 2 mm + 2 ppm. This exceptional reflectorless capability provides the flexibility needed to tackle challenging surveying tasks with confidence.

Swift Measurements and Pinpoint Accuracy:

Experience rapid measurement capture, with a bright red laser dot featuring a 13 mm beam width at 30 m. This pinpoint accuracy ensures that even the smallest features are captured with ease, enhancing the overall efficiency of your surveying operations.

Bluetooth® Communication:

Integrated Bluetooth® capability with an internal antenna enables cable-free delivery of measurements to your data controller. This sleek design not only enhances connectivity but also contributes to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

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  1. Mukesh Sinha

    Excellent very smooth & advance shopping experience
    Thank you keep it up

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