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GeoMeasure Pole Claw

This Geomeasure pole claw is designed to avoid over tightening, which can lead to damage on your pole through cracking or crushing. This claw will securely and snugly attach any cradle to your pole without risking breaking your pole. The Claw Series is designed to prevent the user from over tightening the pole clamp screw and accidentally crushing or cracking the pole.  The clamping function is limited so over-tightening cannot occur.

Product details

  • Made of durable anodized aluminum
  • Designed to fit a pole diameter of 32 mm (1.25″)
  • Quick release cradles plug directly into pole clamp

Package includes


The GeoMeasure Pole Claw: Versatile and Damage-Free Solution

In the world of surveying and geospatial data collection, having reliable and efficient equipment is crucial. The GeoMeasure Pole Claw is a revolutionary accessory designed to address common challenges faced by surveyors while ensuring the utmost accuracy and ease of use. Its innovative design focuses on avoiding any potential damage to the rover pole while providing enhanced flexibility and efficiency during fieldwork.

The primary concern when attaching accessories to a rover pole is often the risk of damaging the pole itself. The GeoMeasure Pole Claw has been carefully engineered to mitigate this risk. Its diameter is precisely calibrated to ensure a secure grip on the pole, without any over-tightening that might lead to damage. By prioritizing the protection of the pole, users can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable equipment remains unharmed even during intensive surveying tasks.

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One of the standout features of the GeoMeasure Pole Claw is the incorporation of a built-in compass and level bubble. These additions introduce an extra degree of flexibility, surpassing the capabilities of regular rover poles with a standard level bubble. With an integrated compass, surveyors can quickly orient themselves and ensure their measurements are aligned with the cardinal directions, streamlining data collection in the field. Additionally, the level bubble provides real-time information about the pole’s verticality, minimizing errors caused by uneven terrain or unstable setups.

The GeoMeasure Pole Claw’s versatility extends to its ergonomic design, providing several preset positions on the claw for the cradle. Unlike traditional setups that require cumbersome ball and joint adjustments to achieve the ideal position, this innovative solution allows for swift and secure positioning with a simple snap. The cradle is then firmly held in place by a durable metal pin, eliminating unnecessary movements and minimizing the risk of wear or breakage.

Simplicity is a key aspect of the GeoMeasure Pole Claw’s design philosophy. The elimination of complex mechanisms and additional parts translates to enhanced reliability and durability. Surveyors can focus on their work without concerns about malfunctioning parts or the need for constant maintenance. By optimizing the cradle for ease of use and stability, the GeoMeasure Pole Claw becomes an indispensable tool for professionals in the geospatial industry.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the GeoMeasure Pole Claw enhances its adaptability. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of rover poles, regardless of the brand or model, making it a universally compatible accessory for surveyors around the world. This adaptability also extends to various environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse terrains and weather conditions.

Beyond its practical benefits, the GeoMeasure Pole Claw exemplifies the dedication of its creators to environmentally responsible practices. By designing a product that minimizes potential damage to the rover pole, they actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainability within the geospatial industry.

The GeoMeasure Pole Claw stands as a game-changing innovation within the surveying and geospatial data collection realm. Its focus on protecting the rover pole from damage, enhanced flexibility with the built-in compass and level bubble, and the convenience of preset positions on the cradle all combine to deliver a truly versatile and user-friendly solution. Surveyors and geospatial professionals can trust this accessory to enhance their productivity, accuracy, and overall surveying experience, while also contributing to a more sustainable approach to their fieldwork. With the GeoMeasure Pole Claw, the future of surveying is in safe, reliable, and capable hands.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 31.75 × 40.64 × 6 cm


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