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GeoMeasure 2M Adjustable Carbon Fibre GPS Pole


Geo-Measure has given us the best of both world’s with their adjustable pole, with durable carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum, this pole will lasts for years. With an easy to use height mechanism you can put your trust into, this is a must have item for any surveyor. Our Geo-Measure 2-metre prism poles, with quick release clamp, are made of either aluminum or carbon fibre.


  • Featherweight Carbon Fibre Aluminum Combination
  • On-Board 40-Minute Level Bubble
  • Easy Tighten Screw
  • Locking Pin in 20 cm Intervals
  • Male 5/8″ Adapter
  • Weighs 0.64 kg (1.42 lb)


  • 2 M Adjustable Carbon Fibre GPS Pole
  • Soft Carry Case


The GeoMeasure 2 M Aluminum Carbon Fibre Pole is the perfect marriage between the two materials. With a carbon fibre bottom half, the pole is incredibly  durable. The bottom half, where the pole is likely to see the most wear and tear is made from carbon fibre to ensure that the pole does not become dented and deformed from everyday bumps and crashes on the job site. The carbon fibre is better able to stand up to the everyday wear and tear that you will put this pole through.


However, in order to save on weight and make the pole even lighter, the adjustable top half is made entirely of aluminum. Due to the fact that the top half of the pole is going to see significantly less wear and tear, the less durable aluminum allows us to save weight without sacrificing durability.


On top of the ergonomic benefits, this pole is also exceedingly easy to adjust. Simply loosen the tightening screw at the mid point of the pole, and pull out the middle aluminum insert. To make determining your HI simple and easy, the aluminum insert is graduated. To ensure that the height of your pole does not change over the course of the survey, every 20 cm with a hole for the locking pin. Between the tightening screw and the locking pin, you can be assured that the height of your rover pole remains fixed and does not change.


The above mentioned reasons are why the GeoMeasure 2 M adjustable Carbon Fibre Pole is the Bench-Mark staff’s favourite pole. This is the pole the guys here at Bench-Mark Turn to every time above anything else.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 122 cm


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