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Hemisphere S631 GNSS RTK Package – Best Seller

The Hemisphere S631 stands as the epitome of cutting-edge receiver technology in the Hemisphere GNSS arsenal. Engineered around the Phantom P40 board, it intricately exploits the full potential of all accessible constellations and signals, setting a new standard in performance, especially in intricate multi-path scenarios. When paired with the 60° tilt sensor, this receiver emerges as the ultimate instrument for adaptable and dependable surveying tasks across diverse locations and scenarios.

Hemisphere GNSS is renowned for its track record in furnishing high-precision GNSS positioning solutions at a competitive price point. Their design philosophy prioritizes seamless integration while constantly incorporating the latest signal sources and satellite constellations. Equipped with an advanced Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and positioning engine, the Hemisphere S631 empowers users to explore surveying applications and locations previously deemed unattainable with other technologies. This receiver not only signifies technological prowess but also embodies Hemisphere’s dedication to democratizing access to advanced GNSS capabilities, broadening the scope of surveying possibilities.

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Product details

  • Triple Frequency Multi Constellation Receiver
  • Fix on Any Constellation
  • Best in Class Canopy Performance
  • Internal 1 Watt Satel Radio – 10 km Range
  • LTE Internal Cell Modem
  • 9 Hour Hot Swappable Batteries
  • 1.3 kg with Batteries

Package includes

  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Base Receiver
  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Rover Receiver
  • UHF Antennas
  • 4x Batteries
  • Tripod
  • Adjustable 2m Pole


Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere was founded in 2002, and has provided industry leading GNSS positioning solutions. First breaking into the agriculutre positioning market, Hemisphere has become a main stay of the agriculture industry under the brand name OutBack. Branching out from agriculture, Hemisphere has provided leading positioning technology in the form of their Vector marine products, and their industry best S-Series of surveying equipment. 

Hemisphere is known for their high-performance, high-precision and reliable GNSS products that take full advantage of the latest signals and constellations. Hemisphere’s products are designed to provide accurate and reliable positions even in difficult multi-path and high interfence environments. Hemisphere receivers are industry leader’s in multi-path positioning and can out-perform or match any reciever on the market. 

Hemisphere GNSS is head-quatered in Scottsdale Arizona, and has several offices across North America, including in Calgary Alberta and Winnipeg Manitoba. What this means for you is, that all support and service is provided in your time zone. There is no need to ship anything overseas, meaning quick turn-arounds on any repairs. Here at Bench-Mark we have been Hemisphere wholesale distributors for over 10 years. We have watched Hemisphere improve their survey offerings from the dual-frequency S320 all the way to the multi-GNSS and multi-frequency S631 reciever. 

The Hemisphere S631

The Hemisphere S631 is the latest survey receiver from Hemisphere, and boasts all of the latest RTK technology they have to offer. It is a multi-frequency, multi-GNSS reciever that is the best performing receiver to date. 

The Hemisphere S631 can receive corrections from all of the major constellations including; Galileo, BeiDou, GPS and Glonass. With the ability to fix off any constellation the S631 can take the best available corrections to determine its position. 


GLONASS: G1/G2/G3, P1/P2

BeiDou: B1i/B2i/B3i/B1OC/B2A/B2B/ACEBOC

Galileo: E1BC/E5a/E5b/E6BC/ATLBOC



SBAS and Atlas

Superior Multi-Path Performance

The Hemisphere S631 provides best in class under canopy performance. The S631 uses Hemisphere’s proprietary Athena RTK engine. The Athena RTK engine is designed to utilize all of the signals that are available today. With access to the higher power, and multi-path mitigating L5 signals on all available constellations, the S631 can perform under dense canopy. 

Under Canopy Repeatability

The S631 is not just faster to fix under canopy. They are also accurate, repeatable and reliable. With the Athena RTK engine, you have an engine that filters and disregards solutions that have been affected by multi-path.

With Sure-Fix technology, the S631 uses two independant and distinct RTK engines to derive a solution. Only once the two agree will the solution be reported as Fixed+. With SureFix you can be confident in your position, and avoid having to reshoot a position multiple times. 

The 7th Generation technology inside of the Hemisphere S631 is the most advanced positioning technology on the market. 

Advanced IMU tilt Sensor

One of the biggest advantages of the Hemisphere S631 over the last generation of recievers is the introduction of the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU inside of the S631 integrates RTK data with the inertial sensor to get an accurate position. By integrating RTK data into the IMU sensor, you do not have to worry about orientation or calibration. 

The IMU tilt sensor can be calibrated in as little as 30 seconds, with a very simple rocking motion. All you have to do is hold the point of the pole on the ground and rock it back and forth to calibrate the sensor. The quick procedure takes no time in the field and you are ready to start surveying right away. 

Extended Range, Battery and Durabilty

The S631 boasts powerful internal 1 W Satel radios, that can provide up to 10 km of base to rover range. The internal Satel radio is capable of broadcasting many of the most common and popular radio formats, including; TrimTalk, Pacific Crest, TrimMark and Satel. With the ability to program and edit your frequencies, message types, protocols, and more you can always find radio settings that will work with your existing equipment. When you need a little bit more range, the S631 can broadcast corrections over a cellular network with the use of StormCaster.

The S631 is encased in a magnesium housing that provides dust, shock and water proofing. WIth an IP67 environmental rating, and a MIL-STD-810G rating, you can be assured that the Hemisphere S631 will stand up to whatever you throw at it on site. Whether it falls from your truck, pole or your tripod is blown over the S631 can take any impact you throw at it.

The S631 supports all of this processing and radio power with long lasting battery. There are two batteries that can be hot swapped in the reciever, that allows for up to 12 hours of continuous range. The batteries both have smart battery indicators to indicate how much charge remains in the battery. 


50 reviews for Hemisphere S631 GNSS RTK Package – Best Seller

  1. Cam Christianson

    The S631 really feels like an upgrade over the last generation. It feels better built, and the in-foliage and tilt performance is really convenient.

  2. Reid Ostenberg

    The radio range of the S631 has been blowng me away. I haven’t even had to use my external radio. When paired with FieldGeniu, I get an easy-to-use solution that has all of the tools I need.

  3. Allan Andres

    The tilt feature is wonderful, and the S631 works so well under canopy! I was a bit worried about moving to FieldGenius, but it is easy to use once I had it figured out.

  4. Sid Sandback

    We love the tilt capacity on the S631, and we cannot say enough about the Bench-Mark support. We also love the Graphical Layout in FieldGenius, it’s so easy to use.

  5. Tom Mehdi

    The S631 has been great, with tilt we are a lot faster, and the in-canopy performance is making a big difference. Once I got used to FieldGenius, i found it to be way faster.

  6. Shamus McGee

    We love the fact that the S631 has a 10 km base-to-rover range, and that they will fix any constellation. FieldGenius has to been the easiest and most user-friendly surveying software we have ever used.

  7. Rudi van der Merwe

    The S631 gives us consistent and accurate results in mountainous and foiliage-covered terrain. We found that FieldGenius was easy to learn and we keep discovering more powerful features.

  8. Connor Traves

    The RTK-fixed coverage with the S631 has been vastly improved over the older S321. FieldGenius has freed up our drafters, and made construction layout a breeze.

  9. Dustin Hicke

    The field crews appreciate how light it is compared to the other models. In addition, the tilt sensor is a great featureto help speed up our fieldwork.

  10. Greg Skelhorn

    The S631 is proving itself to be reliable and fast in all conditions. We have seen a definite performance boost with the addition of the S631.

  11. Ed

    I have been really impressed with the S631 base and Rover system, particularly given its price point compared to “bigger” name brands. However, what I have found most impressive is the customer service provided by Benchmark. I have worked with many dealers and manufacturers over the years who are often happy to dump you once they have made their sale. It is no exaggeration to say Benchmark are SECOND TO NONE. They answer questions promptly and are always there to help problem solve. If you need survey gear, use these guys.

  12. Anthony McRae

    I recently purchased the Hemisphere S631 base and rover along with the Mesa3 tablet with Field Genius. The product is just as good, or better, as I hoped it would be. I have ran a Carlson BR x7 for several years and the Hemisphere is as good, or better, than those units and at a much more affordable price. The guys and gals at BenchMark have been great to deal with and I have no complaints. Their online training has been great help and the couple of times I’ve called with questions, they have been spot on. If you’re in the market for some surveying equipment, I would highly recommend giving them a call.

  13. Lewis Cox

    I’m doing the work of 3 crews using your S631s, so additional units won’t be needed!

    I would have never dreamed that these units would be this strong I get shots under canopy that should never happen. I realize I’m now using 4 sat systems rather than 2, but there must be some real high powered electronics inside these units that can discern extreme multipathing and compute out the garbage, it’s quite incredible.

    I just finished a 130 acre survey by myself (I’m a one-man show) and never touched my robot. As a matter of fact, I’ve only touched my robot twice this year since getting these S631s back in January, and that was to do a small topo and to stake out a house. These units have performed far beyond my expectations!!! These units have been life changing!!

    Thanks so much for everything you, Nolan and David have done for me, you guys rock!!!

  14. Maura McKeough

    Our experience purchasing an RTK system from Bench Mark was outstanding. The staff demonstrated impressive knowledge, investing time to understand and meet our specific requirements. Their assistance was not only helpful but also delivered with a friendly manner. The responsiveness to emails showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. What truly exceeded expectations was the swift delivery – within a week of the order. Bench Mark’s expertise, excellent service, and efficiency make them a top choice. I highly recommend their RTK systems for anyone seeking a seamless and customer-centric experience.

  15. Joe Manning

    Great service and prompt delivery.

  16. Arlene Lahti

    The sales team were helpful and once the order was placed, the equipment arrived quickly!

  17. Vince Boothe

    We recently bought an S631 system after being with Topcon for 10 years. Bench Mark has been great to deal with. The GNSS receivers are a big step up in terms of performance. Even better though is the technical support. They have a lot of PDF and video training resources available. Any questions we have had get answered quickly by email. I have also called the help number and had someone answer my questions right away.

  18. Andrew Wilkinson

    These guys are amazing!…the Hemisphere solution they offer is a game changer, the only thing thats better is the remarkable service and support and very clear and helpful training videos…buy with confidence you won’t be dispaointed!

  19. Mark LaFresne

    The communication and smooth transaction was the excellent. They take pride in their work and stand 100% behind the product and customers. Purchased S631 RTK kit and looking forward to keeping this relationship on-going.

  20. Charles S

    We love the Hemisphere s631 RTK GNSS with Field Genius software, thanks Bench Mark for the GREAT price and all the help.

  21. Garrett Bullee

    We love the Hemisphere s631 RTK, works great under tree canopy, and we totally prefer Fieldgenius over SurvCE. Thanks so much for all the help.

  22. David Renauld

    Excellent customer service to begin using new Hemisphere S631 equipment and MicroSurvey FieldGenius software. Very knowledgeable of the product and the survey capabilities. Helped me to really understand the new equipment and options is gives me as a surveyor.

  23. Wes Bertoldi

    I purchased my Hemisphere S631 base/rover at the end of 2020. It has been a huge asset to my productivity. The team at Bench mark have been very helpful. If I ever have a question, Rene or David have always been very quick with a solution. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Bench Mark.

  24. Richard Reece

    Purchased the new Hemisphere S631, and thus far, the best system I have ever used. We work out of Eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains with plenty of deep hollows, ridges and vast amounts of tree canopy. Have had the system out for the last week, and have been very impressed, we have been able to get a surefix in almost all situations, and usually under two minutes, even in a hollow under a cliff line, it was amazing. I would highly recommend the S631 to anyone needing a system that will work in any canopy situation.

  25. Kia Shayestehfar

    I tried out one of their new Hemisphere S631 RTK systems over the weekend. I was able to survey control points under dense canopy with good results. I would recommend Benchmark to anyone looking to purchase new GNSS survey gear.

  26. Razvan Scutaru

    Rene and his team have been super helpful from making us understand our new S631 Hemisphere RTK kit to pre-configuration and training. Would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality system with a team that stands behind their products. Cheers from Stratus Aerial Geomatics!

  27. John

    I work for a land development company that needed help with work organization and shooting as-builts. Rene and his team at Benchmark were very helpful finding the right product for our needs.

    We purchased a Hemisphere S631 from Benchmark, they helped us set it up and they made the process very user friendly. So far I am amazed with how well the product works. Especially in the dense tree areas. We work in a small mountain town and have never had any issues with maintaining a fix.

    Benchmark takes the time to help there clients, I recommend that anyone in the market for survey equipment reaches out to them.

  28. Anthony Thompson

    We ordered a new S631 GPS system, payment and shipping was
    extremely fast and efficient. Sent the money on Monday had
    the units by Friday, during Christmas holiday that’s pretty fast. Up and surveying again on Monday. Thanks Rene

  29. Tyler Button

    Very pleased with the S631 base and rover we purchased from Rene. I wanted to wait awhile to see how the equipment performed and I can safely say it has performed flawlessly. After about 6 months of use I can safely say I have not had one problem. The provided literature for start up and tips sheets are very well put together. I have also called for field support several times and always got a resolve immediately. Oh and there online YouTube videos are a excellent resource as well. I strongly recommend getting a mesa tablet for data collection as well.

  30. Heath Butler

    Working with Rene and the team at Benchmark has been one of my best buying experiences ever. Rene and the team are very knowledgeable in their products and get you setup with exactly what you need to be efficient and successful. The s631 receiver and mesa tablet is been the best RTK GPS setup I have used to date. The signal and solutions achieved in heavy canopy are amazing, the tilt compensation has save me so much time not have to measure and do offsets. The support staff is astounding and always walk me through any questions or issues with a step by step approach. I will definitely be back when its time to upgrade.

  31. Javier Rodriguez

    I am very satisfied to be able to buy a GPS unit with an excellent company like BENCHMARK. At the beginning of the purchase, there were fears due to the shipping process, but it is a company that does not skimp on helping and keeping the customer sure of what they are buying. Good service, good communication and they are willing to help all their customers. Thanks to René for the good treatment and for giving me confidence to achieve this purchase.

  32. Brock Bowman

    Working with this company on my recent equipment upgrade was a great experience. The product S631 Base/Rover package is the best I have used to date. Rene and the team done exactly what they said they would and the support is wonderful. You can call and they answer the phone for support every time!

  33. Jay McArthur

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase from Bench Mark and dealing directly with Rene. The knowledge and professionalism is top-notch. When I call, an actual person answers! Which is very rare in todays world. The gear turned on and worked from the start, and all minor questions are answered right away. Results from the S631 base/rover combo are unreal.

  34. Tim Kline

    We purchased the Hemisphere S631 recently, everyone with company were very quick to respond and help with any questions that we had, continue with excellent customer service. The equipment has worked great and in my opinion out performed many others.

  35. David Harris

    What I really like about the S631 is that I can get a fix where no other GPS unit can go. With FieldGenius, I keep finding new features that are useful for everyday surveying.

  36. Stewart Leadbitter

    René was amazing throughout the whole process. This was my first time GPS purchase and he was very patient with me and helped me all from beginning to end.

  37. Patrick Crosschild

    Had no problems with the purchase of our new Hemisphere S631.

  38. Will

    All staff are professional and helpful

  39. Tim Platz

    Purchase experience was easy, looking forward to putting it through the ropes and seeing how it performs.

  40. Jay Bell

    We have been very pleased with Bench-Mark. From equipment to services top notch!

  41. Chelsea Mathieu

    We purchased the Hemisphere S631 recently. The BENCHMARK team were always supportive and responded quickly to any questions. The new unit is user friendly, and the support team is wonderful to work with.

  42. Nate Wilson

    The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. They made our buying experience an enjoyable one.

  43. Jason Smith

    Benchmark is top notch. My new hemisphere s631 is a game changer…

  44. Ethan Smith

    The entire Benchmark team has been great throughout our entire purchase of our two sets of Hemisphere S631 Base and Rover sets. They have been extremely helpful in helping us start our new business and making sure we had all the materials needed to get up and running as soon as we recieved our equipment.

  45. Tim Worley

    The entire Benchmark team has been great throughout our entire purchase of our two sets of Hemisphere S631 Base and Rover sets. They have been extremely helpful in helping us start our new business and making sure we had all the materials needed to get up and running as soon as we recieved our equipment.

  46. Donovan Ward

    Benchmark have been great to deal, and they offer so much more than just equipment. Their comprehensive guides and live support are second to none, and worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend.

  47. Joe Garber

    Rene went above and beyond durning the purchasing process of my new Hemisphere S631.
    Very knowledgeable and prompt to answer any questions. Thank you BenchMark!

  48. Kelly Browne

    Just getting started with our new Hemisphere 631 but Rene, Real, Meaghan and Nolan have all been great to deal with so far. Excellent resources for getting going and everyone has been really available which is great. Small snag with the order but they made it right incredibly quickly. Would definitely do business with Bench Mark again.

  49. Bryan Abt


  50. Brett Watson

    Awesome customer service. Always available to answer questions when you need it. I highly recommend Bench Mark.

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