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Used Sokkia GRx2 RTK Package

The Sokkia GRx2 redefines precision in construction surveying. Engineered with advanced GNSS technology, it integrates various satellite systems for unparalleled accuracy in determining precise coordinates, even in challenging environments. This rugged device combines reliability with user-friendly features, seamlessly integrating with cutting-edge data collection software to streamline workflows. From complex construction projects to varied terrains and weather conditions, the GRx2 stands as an essential tool, ensuring efficient and accurate surveying for modern construction professionals.

Designed to excel in the field, the Sokkia GRx2 offers unparalleled adaptability and reliability. Its robust build and compatibility with multiple satellite systems guarantee precision in determining exact coordinates, empowering construction surveyors to confidently navigate diverse terrains and adverse weather conditions. With seamless integration into advanced data collection software, this device enhances productivity and accuracy, making the GRx2 an indispensable asset for precise and efficient surveying in the dynamic world of construction projects.

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Product details

  • Internal UHF Radio
  • Network Rover Cellular Modem
  • Works under Tree Canopy
  • 10mm Accuracy

Package includes

  • GRX2 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • GRX2 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • Battery x2
  • Charger x2
  • UHF Antennas x2
  • P9 Data Collector
  • SurvCE Software



Sokkia is known for their high quality surveying equipment, and innovative technologies in the space. They produce a wide range of products, including; total stations, theodolites, GPS systems, and software for data management and analysis. Their equipment is used across a variety of different industries including, construction, engineering, land surveying, mining and now. Since their founding in 1920, Sokkia has pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

The Sokkia GRx2

The GRX1 receiver is a fully integrated dual constellation receiver, antenna, radio and optional cellular modem. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth module, now enhanced for better performance, is designed into a rugged magnesium alloy body.

The GRX2 can be re-configured with scalable upgrades. This provides the benefit of starting with a lower cost configuration and adding options as needed. The GRX2 can be purchased as a single frequency GPS only receiver at a low cost and later upgraded to dual frequency, add a radio or cellular modem, and additional signal capability for GLONASS and Galileo.

GPS: L1C/A, L1/L2 P-Code

GLONASS: L1/L2 CA, L1/L2 P-Code


Maximum Versatility

Utilizing full wireless connectivity and the Sokkia-invented voice navigation system, the GRx2 facilitates the use of both RTK and network RTK technologies.

  • Built-in GSM/HSPA modem makes the GRX2 an ideal rover receiver for network RTK positioning.
  • The GRX2 can be used for both private RTK base and RTK rover using an internal digital UHF modem without any extra device.
  • The GRX2 is MAGNET Relay Ready – Cellular to Cellular base/rover RTK.
  • Voice messages notify the users when RTK is fixed or lost, or other problems occur. This feature dramatically increases work efficiency by eliminating a need for repeated checks with the controller display.


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