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GeoMeasure Fixed Height Tripod


Never forget your tripod HI again, with the Geo-Measure Fixed Height Tripod. With a constant center staff height you’ll never have to pull an HI tape out again.


  • Never Have an HI Measuring Problem Again
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Screw Clamps for Easy Locking
  • Center Staff has Adjustable Height Settings; 2M 1.8M 1.5M
  • Electrostatically Powder Painted Legs and Centre Staff
  • Hard Metal Feet


  • Fixed Height Tripod


The GeoMeasure Fixed Height Tripod has an adjustable centre staff that allows you to quickly set a pre-determined height. With the fixed height tripod, you can quickly set the tripod to a known height. There is no need to measure the height. Simply set it and move on.


The entire tripod is made of aluminum, meaning that you have a tripod built for years to come. This is not the tripod that will easy crack or deform under pressure. Weighing in at 15 lbs, there is no chance that this tripod is being blown over by the wind once setup. This is not the tripod you have to keep an eye on in the wind. You can always be assured that the tripod remains in place. With the replaceable feet you can always be assured that you can properly set this tripod. There is no worrying about the tripod tipping over, when you can jam the feet into the ground with the large easy push pedals and 1 1/2″ long metal spikes on each foot.


The tripod comes with a triangular flat head with a 5/8″ thread that is readily available to receive most surveying equipment. Whether you wnat to run a GPS, Total Station or Robot from this tripod you are ready to go.


The tripod is also easily adjustable. The three legs are controlled by tightening screws that can be easily tightened and loosened with one hand, all while securely holding the position of the leg once tightened. As for the centre staff, you can you have a tightening screw as well as a locking pin. This way you can be assured that you HI never changes. Once set the tripod will remain at one of the three HI options you specified until being torn down. With the three options 1.5, 1.8 and 2 M, you can always find an option that works for you.


The GeoMeasure Fixed Height Tripod is the ideal solution for those looking to save time, and hence money during there setups. This is the tripod that allows you to work smarter not harder.


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