Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Pole clamp & Cradel

$ 255.00 CAD


Built out of metal and simple to use, Geomeasure’s Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 cradle is a great way to attach your collector to a pole. Does not include pole attachment, only cradle. Here’s the next generation of quality SECO all-metal collector/controller cradles.  The streamlined design of these new cradles fit the body of a collector/controller snugly with simple, comfortable locking on the bottom of the cradle.  The new design utilizes an ‘anti-crush’ feature that locks up the cradle when tight, but is limited — the risk of damaging controller is greatly reduced.


  • Made of Durable Anodized Aluminum
  • Plug Directly into Quick Release Clamp
  • Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Compatible


  • Pole Clamp
  • Data Collector Cradle


The Seco Data Collector Cradle is designed to securely hold your data collector, without risking damaging your equipment. The included screw clamp allows you to adjust the tightness exactly to the point that will securely hold your data collector in place without damaging your pole. There is no need to worry about someone knocking the pole and having the clamp release and drop your data collector. It will always hold the data collector in the exact position you need it. The cradle is also designed to perfectly hold Carlson’s Surveyor 2 and Juniper’s Allegro 2. The clamp is designed to snugly hold the data collector without having to risk pinching the data collector to tightly. The cradle is engineered to perfectly hold the data collector, without risking damage to your data collector.


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