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Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Pole clamp & Cradel

Built out of metal and simple to use, Geomeasure’s Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 cradle is a great way to attach your collector to a pole. Does not include pole attachment, only cradle. Here’s the next generation of quality SECO all-metal collector/controller cradles.  The streamlined design of these new cradles fit the body of a collector/controller snugly with simple, comfortable locking on the bottom of the cradle.  The new design utilizes an ‘anti-crush’ feature that locks up the cradle when tight, but is limited — the risk of damaging controller is greatly reduced.

Product details

  • Made of Durable Anodized Aluminum
  • Plug Directly into Quick Release Clamp
  • Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Compatible

Package includes

  • Pole Clamp
  • Data Collector Cradle


Seco Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Pole Claw

Discover the exceptional reliability and protection offered by the Seco Data Collector Cradle, a precision-engineered solution designed to securely hold your valuable data collector without causing any harm to your equipment. With our innovative screw clamp mechanism, you have complete control over the tightness, ensuring the perfect balance between a secure grip and safeguarding your pole from any potential damage.

Never again worry about accidental mishaps that could lead to your data collector being dropped or damaged. The Seco Data Collector Cradle provides an unwavering hold, maintaining your data collector in the precise position you need throughout your surveying tasks. Experience peace of mind as you focus on your work, knowing that your essential equipment is in safe hands.

Land Surverying Equipment Calgary

The cradle is carefully designed to seamlessly fit Carlson’s Surveyor 2 and Juniper’s Allegro 2 data collectors, ensuring a snug and reliable hold for these popular models. Our commitment to compatibility ensures that your specific data collector is in safe hands with the Seco Data Collector Cradle.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the clamp is tailored to securely hold your data collector without the risk of pinching it too tightly. This thoughtful design eliminates any concerns about potential damage to your valuable equipment, guaranteeing its longevity and optimal functionality.

Trust in the Seco Data Collector Cradle’s exceptional engineering, which prioritizes both user convenience and equipment protection. Say goodbye to worries about accidental releases or damage during your surveying endeavors, and instead, embrace a seamless and efficient workflow with the reassurance of our top-notch cradle.

Elevate your surveying experience with the Seco Data Collector Cradle, the ultimate accessory that combines security, compatibility, and unparalleled reliability. Join the ranks of satisfied surveying professionals who have experienced the outstanding performance of our cradle, and take your surveying endeavors to new heights of precision and efficiency. With the Seco Data Collector Cradle, your data collector is in safe hands, always ready to assist you in capturing accurate data with confidence.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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