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GeoMeasure SDJ-02 (2″) Digital Theodolite

This Geo-Measure Theodolite, has been designed to be as simple and easy use as possible. Containing an absolute angle encoder, the SDJ-02 allows angles to be read without passing 0.


Our Geo-Measure SDJ-02 digital theodolite features a single horizontal spindle with cross telescope; a new design concept with higher precision and better stability and shock resistance. It contains an absolute angle encoder system, which allows angles to be read without passing 0. This makes angle measurements more simple and convenient.


The digital theodolite also features a large LCD double-sided display with back-light technology, and displays horizontal and vertical angles at the same time. It is sealed against water and dust (IP66) and maintains a good performance even in a bad environment. The SDJ-02 comes with a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery

Additional product info

Product details

  • Special design: single horizontal spindle with cross telescope, new design concept, higher precision, better stable and shock resistance ability.
  • Absolute angle encoder system: able to read angle data without passing “0”.  Lets angle measurement be more simple and convenient.
  • Large display: backlight technology, displays horizontal and vertical angle at the same time.  Convenient to use in different conditions.
  •  Superior water and dust proof specification IP66.  Maintains good performance even in bad environment.
  • 2″ Accuracy

Package includes

  • SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite
  • Case
  • Manual
  • 2 Batteries + Charger
  • Plumb Bob


SDJ-02 Theodolite

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite stands tall as a beacon of simplicity and efficiency, revolutionizing the construction landscape with its sophisticated yet user-friendly design. This exceptional instrument redefines the ethos of surveying tools by seamlessly merging uncomplicated functionality with unwavering accuracy, catering to the discerning needs of construction professionals seeking a reliable and straightforward tool.

Crafted for the rigors of construction, the SDJ-02 embodies simplicity at its core, emphasizing ease of use without compromising on precision. Its generously-sized telescope boasting a 30x magnification ratio ensures meticulous measurements across expansive distances, providing construction experts with a seamless and efficient experience while undertaking complex survey tasks.

At the heart of this digital theodolite lies an absolute angle encoder, a pioneering feature that reimagines angle measurement. This cutting-edge technology enables angle readings without the necessity to pass through zero, streamlining survey operations and expediting measurements with unparalleled accuracy, a feature prized by construction professionals working in time-sensitive scenarios.

Built to thrive in the harshest construction environments, the SDJ-02 boasts an exceptional IP66 environmental rating, signifying its robustness against the most challenging conditions on construction sites. Its sturdy construction, featuring a single horizontal spindle and cross telescope, not only bolsters stability but also enhances shock resistance, ensuring unwavering performance in diverse terrains and adverse weather conditions. Construction experts rely on the SDJ-02’s steadfastness, enabling precise measurements without limitations, regardless of the environmental challenges encountered on-site.

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite embodies a perfect amalgamation of simplicity and durability, serving as an indispensable tool for construction professionals seeking a reliable instrument for accurate surveying tasks. This digital marvel heralds a new era in construction survey tools, underscoring the importance of uncomplicated functionality and robustness, thus enhancing the efficiency and precision of construction survey operations across a myriad of job sites.


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