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StormCaster Cloud Based RTK Subscriptions



StormCaster is a unique cloud based GNSS reference network solution, provided as a complete package to the surveyor. When you subscribe to the cloud-based StormCaster service, you become the owner of your reference network, backed up by Bench Marks technical expertise. The easy to use interface helps you swap out your network rovers and set up reference stations where you need them, freedom you won’t have with other reference networks. With accounts scalable to the number of GPS Network Rovers that you use, Bench Mark can off you a tailor made, survey ready system.

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Product details

  • Unlimited Range
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • No Line of Sight Issues
  • Connect Multiple Rovers

Package includes

  • 1 Year of StormCaster Service


StormCaster NTRIP RTK

Unleash the power of precision positioning with StormCaster, the cutting-edge NTRIP Caster developed by Bench Mark. Designed to meet the exacting demands of engineers and surveyors, StormCaster is your gateway to centimeter-level accuracy and repeatability, without the constraints of traditional radio setups.

Break Free from Radio Constraints: StormCaster eliminates the limitations posed by traditional radio systems. Say goodbye to line-of-sight concerns and the hassle of dealing with external radios. StormCaster empowers you to achieve baselines of 50+ kilometers without compromise.

Unrivaled GNSS Accuracy: StormCaster paves the way for unprecedented GNSS accuracy. It seamlessly integrates local corrections from diverse sources, including your own devices, to create a bespoke network. Aligning with industry standards, StormCaster channels correctional data from renowned reference GNSS stations to field rovers. The result? A staggering 100-fold reduction in positional measurement errors. Even budget-friendly devices experience a remarkable boost in accuracy.

Customizable Network Models: StormCaster offers a range of product models to suit your unique network requirements. Tailor your network to the number of base stations, rovers, and machines you need to connect. With customization at its core, StormCaster adapts to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless fit for your projects.

Effortless Setup: Setting up StormCaster is a breeze. It simplifies the process of federating data streams and delivering corrections to end users via a standard NTRIP link. Your rover devices can connect wirelessly over the internet, cellular networks, or Wi-Fi. Plus, for situations where a direct connection to a local reference station is needed, StormCaster has you covered.

Cost-Effective Solution: StormCaster ushers in a new era of cost-effective, high-precision GNSS solutions. It aligns perfectly with the RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) revolution, offering unmatched accuracy with budget-friendly positioning equipment. Ditch the bulky and cumbersome external radios, and embrace a streamlined and affordable setup.

Unshackle Your Precision: StormCaster liberates engineers and surveyors from the confines of radio-based systems. With StormCaster, you’re no longer tethered by line of sight or external radios, allowing you to push the boundaries of precision in your projects.

Discover StormCaster today and redefine your approach to high-precision GNSS. Take the next step in achieving centimeter-level accuracy and repeatability with the freedom and flexibility you’ve been waiting for.


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