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StormCaster Cloud Based RTK Subscriptions




StormCaster is a unique cloud based GNSS reference network solution, provided as a complete package to the surveyor. When you subscribe to the cloud-based StormCaster service, you become the owner of your reference network, backed up by Bench Marks technical expertise. The easy to use interface helps you swap out your network rovers and set up reference stations where you need them, freedom you won’t have with other reference networks. With accounts scalable to the number of GPS Network Rovers that you use, Bench Mark can off you a tailor made, survey ready system.


  • Unlimited Range
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • No Line of Sight Issues
  • Connect Multiple Rovers


  • 1 Year of StormCaster Service


StormCaster is the Internet RTK Service developed here at Bench-Mark. With StormCaster you can set up a base on a cellular network and survey with the rover anywhere there is cell range. StormCaster allows you to get the range you never thought possible. Setup a base as a permanent reference station, and completely eliminate base setup time on site. With StormCaster, simply setup your rover and start to survey.


On top of this, you can setup an unlimited amount of rovers on one base, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in equipment costs.


Inquire today about different pricing options, and options to scale with more rovers.



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