GeoMeasure Thumb Release Carbon Fibre Bipod

$ 299.00 CAD


This Geo-Measure bipod is built to last with easy to use controls. With a push of the thumb release quickly and easily adjust the height of the bipod legs. Built of carbon fiber this is a lightweight solution to your surveying needs. The GeoMeasure Thumb Release Open Clamp Bipod allows the user to simply clamp the pole into place without lifting and threading it through the bipod head! Within seconds the operator can set up a free standing GPS antenna pole or prism pole.


  • Thumb Release to Quickly Adjust Leg Height
  • Screw Clamp to Attach to Pole
  • Legs extend to 1.8 m (5′ 11″) For Use in Uneven Terrain
  • Collapses to 1.09 m (3′ 7″)\
  • Under 5 lbs


  • Thumb Release Bipod
  • Soft Carry Case


The GeoMeasure Thumb Release Carbon Fibre Bipod is the lightweight but tough bipod solution. The legs are made entirely of carbon fibre allowing the bipod to stand up to bumps and crashes you experience on the job site everyday. Unlike metal and aluminum products, the legs will not become dented and deformed over time. This is the toughest bipod we have to offer.


A bipod allows you to quickly and easily set up a rover pole over a point and take several shots without having to worry about the pole moving. This makes it incredibly easy to setup over a point and take an averaged position without having to constantly keep the pole level. This is for the surveyor that wants to work smarter not harder.


Both legs feature a quick release button that can quickly be operated with your thumbs, allowing you to quickly adjust the height of the legs with one hand. This allows you to maintain a steady hand on your rover pole, all while quickly and easily adjusting the bipod. The feet of the bipod also feature large circle pushpads. This makes it exceedingly easy to push the legs of the bipod into the ground. With the bipod firmly planted, you do not have to worry about any movement in your rover pole that may effect your measurements.


This is the tool that helps you work smarter not harder.


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