How GNSS Can Improve Your Construction Equipment & Projects

Project development requires significant amounts of capital, labour costs and machinery. Managing your time and cost is critical in the successful completion of projects.  With a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, you can maximize your time during the course of the project. Whether you need to check work, or guide your machinery, GNSS receivers […]

The Three Factors That Contribute To A Drone’s Surveying Effectiveness

Over recent years, drone surveying equipment has become more and more commonplace. The benefits of this survey equipment are well known, reducing survey times and site disruption, all while providing high precision and clear images of the job site. However, that does not mean that the drone is a foolproof solution. It is, in fact, […]

How A Surveyor Can Help With Your BIM & Construction Process

The use of BIM (building information modelling) is becoming commonplace within the construction industry. By digitally modelling a project, you can better manage it through the planning, construction, and maintenance phases.  But while BIM is a useful tool, with the assistance of a surveyor early on you can identify and fix problems before they reach […]

The Top Tips For Managing Your Surveying Equipment

For surveyors, everything comes down to the well-being of their surveying equipment. It is essential that a surveyor’s equipment is working properly. Any mistakes will not only hold-up projects but can cost thousands of dollars in damages. If a surveyor does not properly care and maintain his equipment, he is putting his very lively-hood at […]