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GNSS Equipment: The Fine Art of a Troubleshoot

As one of our support technicians, there are multiple parts of this job that keeps it entertaining and fresh. There is always some new problem, or new question that keeps me on my toes. GNSS equipment is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn. No two calls are ever the same, and there […]

Hemisphere RTK: What Makes the Difference?

Lately, I have had several questions in regards to the difference between Hemisphere’s 6th generation RTK receiver the S321+, and their 7th generation S631. Therefore, I thought it was high time to clarify the differences between the two and clear up any misconceptions that may be out there. At a glance, the S631 and S321+ […]

How to Setup Surveying Equipment

One of the most important aspects of RTK GPS and RTK systems in general is understanding how they work. This doesn’t mean understanding the complex mathematical formulas that go on in the software to ensure reliable and consistent communication between base stations and satellites however. It is a much more practical understanding of how to […]

What Happens When GPS Doesn’t Work?

Whether it is the GPS in our phones or the RTK GPS in our surveying equipment, it is hard to deny that satellite constellations are a part of our daily lives in a rather significant way. Since the first satellites launched back in the late 70s, the applications for positioning satellites have only grown, as […]

The Best RTK Drone for You

There are many aspects to RTK GPS, but that just makes it all the more interesting. As this industry continues to grow and expand, it begins to venture into new territories and new technologies. New technologies like drones, for instance. Drones with RTK GPS capabilities are becoming more popular because they are convenient, easy to […]

How to Find the Best Surveying Equipment for Sale

When it comes to choosing an RTK GPS device, the selection is wide. Several fantastic options exist to meet the needs of a diverse group of industries. While several options can meet the needs of many, sometimes it is necessary to choose a specific model when accuracy or another variable is important to the project.  […]

What is the Best Survey Method?

In our last article, we discussed five different types of surveys. All of these surveys use RTK systems to some extent. But with all these different methods, which one is ultimately the best?  This is precisely the question that we set out to answer today. However, before we go into the answer, let’s first briefly […]

What Are The Five Types Of Surveys?

In the wide world of GPS surveying equipment, it is important to understand why this helpful technology exists. Before globalization swept the world, it made a lot of sense for surveyors and their equipment to exist. The world was largely untamed, and governments needed to know what was within their holdings. So, in our interconnected […]

What Affects GPS Accuracy?

In our modern era, it is an often overlooked, but impressive nonetheless, fact that we can measure distances and locations to within millimetres of true accuracy. If you consider the sheer amount of satellite systems, ground facilities, surveyors and equipment in use to make this possible, it is a true harmony of interconnected systems. However, […]

What is the Difference Between RTK & DGPS?

To achieve near-perfect accuracy in surveying operations is no simple feat. As the planet is constantly moving through space, in a persistent rotation, determining the exact three-dimensional position of an object or location is not as simple as using a measuring tape. Instead, we must use multiple reference points, complex mathematical calculations and skilled professionals […]