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How to Setup Surveying Equipment

One of the most important aspects of RTK GPS and RTK systems in general is understanding how they work. This doesn’t mean understanding the complex mathematical formulas that go on in the software to ensure reliable and consistent communication between base stations and satellites however. It is a much more practical understanding of how to […]

What is the Best Survey Method?

In our last article, we discussed five different types of surveys. All of these surveys use RTK systems to some extent. But with all these different methods, which one is ultimately the best?  This is precisely the question that we set out to answer today. However, before we go into the answer, let’s first briefly […]

What Affects GPS Accuracy?

In our modern era, it is an often overlooked, but impressive nonetheless, fact that we can measure distances and locations to within millimetres of true accuracy. If you consider the sheer amount of satellite systems, ground facilities, surveyors and equipment in use to make this possible, it is a true harmony of interconnected systems. However, […]

What is the Difference Between RTK & DGPS?

To achieve near-perfect accuracy in surveying operations is no simple feat. As the planet is constantly moving through space, in a persistent rotation, determining the exact three-dimensional position of an object or location is not as simple as using a measuring tape. Instead, we must use multiple reference points, complex mathematical calculations and skilled professionals […]

How is GPS Used in Agriculture?

There are many different uses for GPS surveying equipment, and each of them assists specific industries and individuals. One of the most important sectors for GPS is agriculture, where it is important to know the exact features of a location. Below you can learn about some of the most exciting ways that GPS implements are […]

What Is GNSS?

The general public makes a fair amount of assumptions about what floats above us. For instance, the amount and type of satellites that orbit our planet. There is a widespread belief, especially in North America, that all satellites which provide position location are designated as the Global Positioning System, or GPS. However, that assumption could […]

Dumpy Level Parts & Functions

Dumpy levels or a builders level is one of those basic tools that every surveyor should have the know how, on how to use. Unlike a lot of other equipment used by surveyors, such as RTK receiver systems, a dumpy level only takes measurements in one plane, the vertical plane. A dumpy level is a […]

How Galileo Benefits RTK GPS Systems

In the world of RTK GPS, accuracy is the most critical factor. To get the best accuracy from your surveying equipment, you will need to utilize satellite-positioning technology and surveying equipment. One of the more recent developments in the world of accurate position-tracking is the Galileo Constellation. The History of the Galileo GNSS The Galileo […]

StormCaster: Increasing Your RTK Range

Frustrated by Poor Radio Range? See StormCaster Here Have you ever been on a job site where you struggle to complete the job without having to reposition your surveying equipment base several times? Where it feels like half the time on site is spent moving your base from location to location to ensure that you […]

Proper Steps to Take During Daily Maintenance on Your Land Surveying Equipment

Caring for your land surveying equipment can be an arduous task, but keeping a regular maintenance schedule can make the process simple, and over time, even enjoyable from a methodical perspective. Although, it can be difficult to start a proper maintenance schedule if you don’t know what to look for, and so today, we are […]