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Hemisphere S631 UHF Antenna (QT400-T) (403-470 MHz)

The Hemisphere S631 UHF Antenna (QT400-T) broadcasts the S631 on UHF from 410-470 MHz, giving your internal radio a radius of 10 km in ideal conditions.

Product details

  • 403-470 MHz
  • SMA Connector

Package includes

  • Hemisphere S631 UHF Antenna (QT400-T)


The Hemisphere S631 UHF Antenna (QT400-T) allows the S631 to broadcast up to 10 km. The QT400-T has an impressive frequency range of 403-470 MHz- eliminating the need to change antennas. Set-up is easy too; simply screw it into the UHF port on the bottom of the reciever.


The TNC adapter on the QT400-T is compatible with all TNC antenna ports, but also receivers such as the Hemisphere S631 and S320, the Carlson BRx7 and BRx5, the Stonex S900, S850, S990 and S980 families of receivers, and many Topcon, Trimble and Leica receivers. The TNC adapter is perfect for those applications where the antenna must be connected and disconnected regularly as well as remaining snuggly attached to the reciever.


The QT400-T is designed to take the impact of a reciever drop or snag. Rather than breaking the port on the receiver, the antenna is designed to shear, transferring the force to the easily replaceable antenna rather than the internal components of the reciever.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 31.75 × 40.64 × 4 cm

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