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GeoMeasure SAE Trailer Plug to Eyelets Power Cable

Tired of having to attach several alligator clips to the same contact on a battery? Don’t want to reattach several cables everyone time you need to use an external battery? This is the solution you are looking for. Permanently attach an SAE trailer plug to your external battery. With the eyelets attached to the battery, there is no risk of an alligator clip coming off and potentially causing a short, which may damage your equipment. The permanently attached eyelets make it simpler and safer to use your external batteries.

Product details

  • Permanently Attach a Trailer Plug to 12V Battery
  • Two Battery Eyelet Contacts
  • 1 Trailer Plug Adapter
  • 15 Amp Fuse
  • 6 ft. Long

Package includes

  • 1 6ft SAE Trailer Plug Eyelets Power Cable


The GeoMeasure SAE Trailer Plug to Eyelets Power Cable is the cable that is designed to last. Here at Bench-Mark we went and found a cable that we know we can trust even in the roughest of conditions. In fact, this is the very cable that we build, and trust on our base battery kits. With a built in 15 amp fuse, there is no need to worry about a surge damaging your radio or receiver. This is the cable that you can rely on to work and protect your equipment.


With a rubber exterior coating, this is the cable that will last for years, even when exposed to the elements. This is the ideal power cable for linking a permanent base station to an external battery. With this SAE cable, you can simply leave and forget about it.


With easy install eyelets and the shrouded durable trailer plug, this is the cable that will not easily slip off of the battery. You don’t have to worry about assembling a jigsaw puzzle of alligator clips, attempting to find that perfect position that holds everything in place. You simply permanently attach the cable, meaning no more lost cables, and the subsequent gut punch to your wallet. Because let us be honest, it is much easier to lose a cable than an entire 12V battery and if you manage to lose the entire battery, we have other issues.


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