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GeoMeasure Radio Antenna Mount Cable 3m

This 3 m cable allows you to raise your base radio antenna up to increase range from the radio. This is the cable that allows you to get that little bit extra range. With this cable get that extra clearance that can make the difference between being able to receive corrections, and having to move your base to get the shot. With an antenna mount cable you can raise a steel whip further into the air, while providing a stable base.

Product details

  • 3 m (15′) Length
  • TNC to BNC Connector
  • 5/8″ Thread on Antenna Mount Base

Package includes

  • GeoMeasure 3 m Radio Mount Cable


The GeoMeasure Base Radio Antenna Mount Cable allows you to attach a steel antenna whip to your external radio, or any TNC radio port. With the antenna mount cable, you can raise the height of your antenna in order to increase your workable area. This radio antenna mount cable is compatible with all of our GeoMeasure External Radio Antenna. 15′ ft in length, this antenna mount cable is the ideal solution to extend the height of your antenna.


With the TNC adapter, this cable is compatible with both the Harxon, and Pacific Crest External radios. The cable is also compatible with the Hemisphere S320 and S321+. Please note, in order to work with the Hemisphere S321+, an additional adapter must be purchased, please ask our sales team for more details.


The main antenna mount is 1 1/8″ in diameter.


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