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Harxon HX-DU8608D Base Radio Kit

HX-DU8608D is a high speed, high power, wireless data link built to survive the rigors of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. This radio’s 35W of power maximize range, enabling you to work in difficult urban areas. The HX-DU8608D is equipped with digital tube, LED and keypad, used to indicate the current operating status, as well as for changing the operating channel and power level of the radio modem. For the most rugged and reliable long-range data link, go with the Geomatics industry’s new standard in wireless communications HX-DU8608D.

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Product details

● 60MHz Bandwidth Coverage 410-470 MHz bands
● Multi-function user interface
● Configurable Transmit Power
● Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth
● High Environmental Capabilities
● Repeater Function

Package includes

  • 450-470 MHz Radio
  • GPS Base Radio Cable
  • 6′ Tripod Extension Pole
  • 4.5 m (15′) Radio Antenna Mount Cable
  • 100 % Fibreglass Tripod
  • Radio Antenna Whip (unity gain)
  • 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Hard Case
  • Trailer Plug Lead
  • Wall Smart Charger


The Harxon HX-DU8608D is the external radio built to provide reliable data communications even in the roughest of conditions. With an IP67 environmental rating, this is the radio you can trust to bring onto the job site. The entire enclosure is made of metal, there are no plastic parts that can break. Even the built in tripod hook and carrying handle is metal to ensure that the radio remains intact no matter the conditions you are working in. This is the radio designed to survive the abuse that surveyors put there equipment through.


The radio features the ability to act as either a repeater, rover radio or as a base radio. This radio has the functionality to work in the role you need it to.


With the ability to run frequencies over a 410 – 470 MHz range, this is the radio that can be programmed to meet your needs. There is no need to fight with the radio in the field. Each Harxon radio comes pre-programmed from Bench-Mark. Simply let our technical department know what frequencies you need to run on, and a member of our team will ensure that the radio is programmed to your specifications.


The radio also features the ability to change the power level. This allows you to tailor the range and power consumption you receive from the radio. With the ability to run at a maximum of 35 W, or a minimum of 5 W, the HX-DU8608D radio always has the right power setting you need. By running the radio on a lower power setting, you can extend the life of your base battery. However, by running on the higher power modes, the radio can achieve a greater range. By balancing these factors you can always find the solution that works for your job site.


The Radio also comes with a hard case to protect it during transport. Within the case you can safely store the radio antenna mount cable, antenna and radio, without having to worry about damaging any of them.


Key Features

● 60MHz Bandwidth Coverage 410-470 MHz bands
Advanced data link design for high performance over entire band.
● Multi-function user interface
It was designed for easy mobile use in demand-ing field conditions.
 Configurable Transmit Power
Support for 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,35W power switching.
● Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth
Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 kHz radios.
● High Environmental Capabilities
According to the IP67 standard
● Repeater Function
In the same frequency or different frequency.


The Base Radio kit also includes numerous accessories to make the your surveys even easier.


With the included GeoMeasure Base Power kit you can always be assured that you get the power where you need. The entire battery kit is protected by a hard plastic case that ensures that the 12 V base battery does not become damaged putting your equipment at risk. With the included smart charger you can be assured that the battery is always ready to go when you are. With the Noco smart charger, there is no need to worry about overcharging the battery and potentially ruining the battery. The Noco smart charger always ensures the battery is ready to work when you are.


With the GeoMeasure Radio Antenna Mast Kit, you can get that extra bit of range on top of the already extended range of the base radio. By raising the antenna an additional 6 ft on top of a tripod, you can get the extended range that you need. This is the kit that can get you that extra range that can make the difference between getting the shot, and not being able to complete the survey on one base setup.


The Harxon HX-DU8608D Base Radio Kit is the ideal solution for the surveyor looking to extend there range, and get surveying even in the toughest of surveying environments.


To ensure that you get the proper setup, please contact our sales teams today.


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