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GeoMeasure Radio Antenna Mast Kit

$ 495.00 CAD


Need that extra bit of range? Your receivers just not able to cover to the work site? This is the solution for you. With the tripod and 6′ extension pole, you can get that extra bit of range. With a larger antenna and the added height this is the package that can extend the working range of your equipment without having to invest in a network subscription, or a base radio kit.


  • Extends Radio Range
  • Pole Extends up to 6″
  • Get up to 12″ in Height
  • 450 -470 mHz Steel Whip Antenna


  • GeoMeasure 100% Fibre Glass Tripod
  • 6″ Extension Pole
  • Radio Antenna Mount Cable


This is the solution you need if you are looking for that extra bit of range. The radio and 6′ antenna mast gets you that little bit extra height that extends your range just that little bit more. This is the solution that will save you money, the solution to try before investing in a base radio or a network subscription.


This isn’t the antenna tripod mast you have to worry about getting tossed around by the wind while you are working either. With the heavy duty 100% fibre glass tripod, you can trust that this tripod will not easily be knocked over, damaging your equipment. On top of this the tripod legs can each extend to a total length of 67′, this is the tripod that helps extend the height of the antenna that little bit more.


With the 6 foot extension pole on top of the tripod you can get your antenna up to 12″ in the air. That extra height between your base and antenna, is what could make all the difference between getting the range, and being out of signal. With the quick easy snap pole, you can get the pole up to the proper height, and have your base set up in no time, saving you time and money.


With a larger steel whip that is pointed upward, you can get that extra bit of range that will make the difference between losing and receiving a fixed solution. The larger antenna also provides a more stable base that will not get tossed around by the wind.


The SMA to TNC adapter makes this entire set up compatible with the S321+. With this adapter, simply screw on the antenna mount cable like you would any other TNC cable. There is no need to worry if your equipment will work with the cable, just ask our sales team if you need another adapter. Here at bench-mark we pride our selves in the ability to find a solution that works for you.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 107 cm


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