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GeoMax X-Pad Ultimate for Android

The GeoMax X-PAD Software Suite is a versatile and affordable solution tailored for construction contractors, offering user-friendly tools for surveying, measurements, stakeouts, and as-built operations. Its modular design allows contractors to select specific modules such as X-PAD Ultimate Survey for professional surveyors or X-PAD Ultimate Build for construction measurements and layout tasks, integrating seamlessly with Android devices and providing customizable options like GNSS, Manual TPS, Premium, Super Premium, Robotic TPS, Volume, Bathymetry, and Road functionalities. GeoMax’s customer-centric approach ensures continuous improvement, empowering contractors with innovative solutions that enhance productivity and project success.

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Package includes

  • Total Station Modules
  • GNSS Modules
  • Robotic Modules
  • Roads and Volumes Modules


The GeoMax X-PAD Software Suite offers construction contractors efficient, affordable, and user-friendly solutions tailored to their surveying and construction layout requirements. This comprehensive software ecosystem comprises individual modules designed for everyday use, allowing contractors to choose specific modules or integrate them for maximum utility.

One Suite, Many Solutions The X-PAD Suite caters to diverse needs within the construction industry. Contractors can select from a range of X-PAD solutions that align with their project requirements.

X-PAD Ultimate Survey: Designed for professional surveyors, X-PAD Ultimate Survey is a user-friendly field software compatible with total stations, GNSS, locators, and levels. It runs seamlessly on Android devices, providing all necessary tools directly on data collectors, tablets, or phones. With its intuitive interface and workflow, users can quickly achieve high efficiency with minimal training. The suite includes main modules such as GNSS, Manual TPS, Premium, and Super Premium, with additional options like Robotic TPS, Volume, Bathymetry, and Road for customization.

X-PAD Ultimate Build: Tailored for construction measurement and layout tasks, X-PAD Ultimate Build integrates data from total stations or GNSS receivers. This user-friendly software enables contractors to perform measurements, stakeouts, and as-built tasks with ease. Its versatile TPS modes allow for tracking operations even in challenging conditions with limited reference points, making it an ideal solution for construction projects.


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