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Futtura LT-800 Grade Laser Package

The Futtura LT-800 has a host of World-Leading features at an unbeatable price; it’s the perfect general construction laser for any contractor’s needs. Once you see the LT-800 for yourself, you’ll know right away it’s the best value in general construction lasers today. With impressive technology and an affordable price, you’ll definitely want to put it to work for you!

Additional product info

Product details

  • Made in Japan by Topcon
  • Fully automatic self-leveling
  • Height of Instrument Alert (HI Alert)
  • Long 500 Foot Operating Radius
  • Machine Control Compatible
  • 20 Arc Second Accuracy
  • 635nm Visible Red Beam
  • 1 year warranty

Package includes

  • LT-800 Laser
  • CR3 Laser Receiver
  • Receiver Rod Clamp
  • D-Type Batteries
  • Carry Case


Topcon RL-H5a Rotary Laser

Introducing the Futtura LT-800, a powerhouse of world-class features at an unbeatable price point, tailored to cater to the diverse needs of contractors in general construction. This laser is packed with an array of cutting-edge capabilities that make it an indispensable tool on any job site. Its standout features include fully automatic self-leveling, ensuring precise alignment without hassle, and a height of instrument alert (HI alert) for added precision.

With a remarkable operating diameter of 1,000 feet (300 meters)* and compatibility with machine control, the LT-800 stands as a versatile and reliable companion for diverse construction tasks. Boasting a 635nm visible red beam with 20 arc second accuracy, this laser is a testament to precision and efficiency. Moreover, it offers an optional recharge kit for extended use and flexibility.

The Futtura LT-800 outshines its competitors with its exceptional technology and remarkable affordability, making it a must-have for professionals seeking top-notch performance without compromising on cost-effectiveness. Designed to deliver unparalleled value, this laser is a game-changer in the realm of general construction lasers, promising remarkable technology at an unbeatable price. Additionally, consider amplifying its capabilities with the Futtura CR5-WD5, a combined CR-5 receiver with an optional wireless remote, or the CR3 Laser Receiver, boasting dual-sided LCD displays and audible signals for precise grade setting and checking. Discover how the Futtura LT-800 can transform your construction tasks into efficient, precise operations, complete with standard features like fast self-leveling and HI “laser disturbed” alert for an unparalleled construction experience.


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