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Topcon RL-H5B Grade Laser Package


Built for all your needs the Topcon RL-H5B is the right solution for you. Sealed against dust and water, there is no need to worry about results being impacted, or the equipment becoming damaged.


The Topcon RL-H5B is a multi-purpose grade laser perfect of grading, excavating, and general construction projects. With the added “slope matching” feature, you can work on and also check grade on all your flat and slope work. The 635 nm visible beam means it can even be used for interior alignment applications from setting piers and decking, to wall and even cabinet alignment.


With electronic self leveling within a ± 5 Degrees range, the RL-HB5 allows you to get to work right away. These self leveling motors are accurate to within ± 20 arc seconds. THis laser allows you to cover a 400m diameter job site allowing for large areas to be quickly covered. With an IP66 rating the RL-H5B is tough enough for all job sites.


The Topcon RL-H5B give you 100 hours with 4 D cell batteries.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Long Range Operation (400m)
  • Tough IP66 Construction Rating
  • New Dual Handle Design
  • New Smart Long Range Laser Receiver
  • ±20 Arc-seconds Horizontal Accuracy
  • ±5 Degrees Self-leveling Range
  • Longest Battery Life in its class (100 hours)

Package includes

  • RL-H5B Grade Laser
  • Case
  • D-Type Batteries
  • Manual
  • Detector
  • Rod Clamp Holder


The RL-H5 Rotating Laser Series totes high horizontal accuracy, automatic self-leveling, long range, extra long battery life, and a tough IP66 weatherproof rating. Similar to the RL-H4C, the RL-H5A has an accuracy of 1.5mm. Adversely, the RL-H5B (remember this is the more affordable solution) has an accuracy of 3.0 mm.


Further differences exist between the new RL-H5A and RL-H5B lasers such as slope and range. While the RL-H5A has a manual 1 axis slope, the RL-H5B does not have the capability of performing a manual slope. Additionally, the RL-H5A has a larger range of effective use (2-800m) than the RL-H5B (2 – 400m).
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To learn more about the differences between these new solutions, view the RL-H4C vs RLH5 Series Comparison chart below


RL-H4C vs RL-H5 Comparison

   RL-H4C  RL-H5A  RL-H5B
Source  LD 635nm Class2(EU)/3R   LD 635nm Class2(EU)/3R  LD 635nm Class2
Range (Diameter)  2 – 800 m  2 – 800 m  2 – 400 m
Accuracy  10″ (=1.5mm@30m)  10″ (=1.5mm@30m)  20″ (=3.0mm@30m)
Rotation speed  600rpm  600rpm  600rpm
Protective glass  Yes  Yes  Yes
Slope  Manual 1 axis  Manual 1 axis  N/A
Range  ±5°  ±5°  N/A
Self leveling  ±5°, 1 min  ±5°, 1 min  ±5°, 1 min
Remote control  No  No  No
Receiver  LS-80L/LS-100D  LS-80L/LS-100D  LS-80L
Dry Batt  100 hrs  100 hrs  100 hrs
Rech. Batt  60 hrs  60 hrs  N/A
Run Charge  Yes  No  No
Dimensions(mm)  L177xW196xH217  L172xW211xH205  L172xW211xH205
Weight(w/DB)  2.4 kg  2.3 kg  2.3 kg
Proof  IP66  IP66  IP66
Warranty  5 years  5 years  5 years


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