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(2.0) CHCNAV BB4 Rotor UAV Powered by DJI with AlphaAir 450 LiDAR


CHCNAV’s BB4 is the high end UAV solution, that looks to answer all of your problems. With an 7.1 kg payload, the CHCNAV BB4 is capable of performing flights with a variety of instruments. The BB4 can take aboard Lidar, laser scanners, and oblique camera systems. When paired with the quick release arms, and the on board GPS, you can quickly switch between applications on site, without sacrificing usability or accuracy. When paired with the CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 LiDAR system, you get an industry leading LiDAR solution. Contact us today for more information.


  • User-friendly
  • Accurate Position
  • Precise Flight Control System – Tablet Based and Easy to Use
  • Modular Design
  • Large Capacity – up to 7.1 kg



The CHCNAV BB4 Rotor UAV is the UAV solution with all of the answers. With a ground based, portable, and easy to set-up ground control station, the BB4 can get quickly establish accurate and precise positions. Therefore, when paired with the 7.1 kg of payload capacity and quick release arms, you can easily swap between applications.

This is where the BB4 really makes its mark. With the 7.1 kg of payload capacity, you can not only do photogrammetry, but also 3D modeling and scanning with a Lidar scanner. This single UAV has the tools to revolutionize your workflow, and speed things up exponentially. When this is paired with the two massive 22000 mAh batteries, you can get over an hour of continuous flight time.

However, all of this does not come at a sacrifice to the build quality of the UAV system. Built with high-resistance carbon fibre, the P550 is not only light but also incredibly durable. This also means that the drone is surprisingly quiet, making it an ideal candidate for work around urban environments.

  • User-friendly – User-friendly flight control software running on tablet PC
  • Accurate Position – Advanced RTK module to achieve flight position accuracy down to centimetre level
  • Precise Flight Control System – Advanced differential conception and high-wind resistant, self-adapting to extreme flight situations
  • Modular Design – Modular design, quick-assembly and fast parts exchange
  • Large Capacity – Up to 7.1 kg payload enables the carry of a Lidar system

AlphaAir 450

The AlphaAir 450 LiDAR scanner very likely the best integrated UAV LiDAR solution available. With the integrated Livox Avia scanner and high resolution camera, you get an all in one package that allows you to capture the data you need in one pass. The integrated system allows for a lightweight package that reduces the affect on your flight times. At a flying height of 100 m and a velocity of 10 m/s the AlphaAir 450 can collect data covering about 2 square kilometers with a more than 200 pts per m squared density. The LiDAR unit is designed around being easy to use, with accesible ports that allow for easy data transfer, and easy installation on the drone.

This comes with CHC CoPre V2.0 software, that is in an all-in-one software solution that process the AA450 trajectories. You no longer need to invest in cumbersome and expensive third party software solutions.

  • <10 cm HZ, <5 cm V Absolute Accuracy without Control Points @ 50 m
  • 1 kg
  • 256 GB Internal Storage
  • 450 m Max Range
  • Up to 720 pts/sec
  • Built in Sony A5100 Camera, 24.3 MP

AlphaAir 450 Brochure: https://bench-mark.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/AlphaAir450-product-overview-May-2021_V2.pdf


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