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CHCNAV Apache 3 Single Beam USV Echo Sounding Boat

CHCNAV’s Apache 3 is the USV Echo Sounding Boat that allows for the automated echo sounding of a body water. The entire boat, sounding and control structure is all built into the same unit. There is no need for an operator driven boat, everything is contained within the same unit. This is the ideal unit for echo-sounding unit that has everything you need.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Single person operation
  • Triple-hulled vessel design
  • Absolute linear technology
  • High-resolution video camera
  • Dual-pole protective design

Package includes

  • Apache 3 Sounding Boat
  • Networking Connectors
  • Batteries and Charger
  • Tools
  • Packing Case
  • Control and Processing Software


CHCNAV's Apache 3 Depth Sounding Boat

CHCNAV’s Apache 3 is an innovative Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) designed for autonomous echo sounding of bodies of water. This advanced technology provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for hydrographic surveys and other marine applications. Here, we’ll delve deeper into its features and capabilities:

1. Fully Autonomous Operation: The Apache 3 is a self-contained unit designed for autonomous echo sounding. Unlike traditional methods that require an operator to control a separate boat and echo sounding equipment, this USV combines both functions into a single unit. This eliminates the need for manual operation and significantly streamlines the survey process.

2. Cost-Effective Solution: The Apache 3 stands out as a cost-effective option for single-beam autonomous echo sounding. Its integration of the echo sounder and control system reduces the need for extensive manpower and equipment, making it an attractive choice for organizations seeking efficiency and cost savings.

3. Manual or Autonomous Control: Users have the flexibility to choose between manual control by an operator or full autonomy. This adaptability allows operators to switch between modes as needed, enhancing safety and efficiency during various survey missions.

4. GNSS RTK Integration: By pairing the Apache 3 with a GNSS RTK receiver, such as the CHCNAV i50, precise position determination in three dimensions (x, y, and z) is achieved. This is critical for accurately mapping the underwater topography and features, ensuring high-quality survey data.

5. Triple-Hulled Vessel Design: The USV features a triple-hulled vessel design that is detachable, offering adaptability to different mission environments. The dual floating bodies help maintain hull balance during operation in open water, enhancing stability and data quality.

6. Absolute Linear Technology: Apache 3 incorporates high-precision positioning and heading technology, ensuring a straight and precise sailing course even in complex current conditions. This technology is essential for producing accurate and reliable hydrographic data.

7. High-Resolution Video Camera: The inclusion of a high-resolution video camera on top of the USV is a valuable feature. It provides real-time video feedback over a significant distance, up to 2 km, even when out of line-of-sight or during foggy conditions. This live video feed enhances mission efficiency and safety, especially in situations like riverfront surveys and potential grounding incidents.

CHCNAV’s Apache 3 is a versatile and cost-effective solution for hydrographic surveys and other marine applications. Its ability to operate autonomously or with manual control, along with the integration of high-precision technology and a high-resolution video camera, makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking efficiency, safety, and accuracy in their underwater mapping and survey missions.


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