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CHCNAV D390 Echo Sounder

The D390 is the newest sounding solution from CHCNAV. The unit is powered by a tablet, with an impressive 12″ screen and with a 200 kHz and up to 500 W sounding output, you can always get the job done.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
  • 200 kHz Frequency
  • 500 W RMS Max
  • User Defined Data Output
  • 12″ Touch Screen
  • 300 W Pulse Power

Package includes

  • Windows 10 Tablet
  • Transducer
  • DGNSS / RTK Input


The D390 Depth Sounder

CHCNAV’s D390 is the latest depth sounding option from the company. This is the depth sounder with everything integrated into one unit. This is designed to packed down and taken anywhere you need to go, with the need to bring a custom made boat with you. This unit attaches to the side of any boat and is ready to start sounding immediately.


Simplified Surveying

The D390 comes with a tablet pre-loaded with the HydroSurvey 7 software. The software is designed to guide you along in your project, with all available data immediately available to you at the touch of a finger. This software is not tied to any specific desktop software either. All data is able to be processed by third party bathymetric software. By exporting the file in a .CSV, you can use the software you are already familiar with. The entire tablet is running Windows 10, making sure you do not need to rely on the cumbersome Windows Mobile, or another operating system you are not familiar with.


Flexible Hydrographic Solution

The D390 Depth Sounder is a fully integrated echo sounder all run by a PC with the high performance you would expect. The 12″ display makes it easy to read the data you are obtaining as you collect the data, no matter what the weather conditions are. With an aluminum alloy enclosure rated to an IP66, you get a unit that is built to take an impact, all while protecting the internal electronics from the water. With the professional grade 200 kHz and up to 500 W sounding output, you can conduct surveys in inland waterways, rivers, reservoir and coastal areas.


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