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Pin Finders & Magnetic Locators

Pin fnders & magnetic locators

Why buy from Bench Mark?

We sell pin finders and magnetic locators backed by industry-leading service and support. At Bench Mark, we want to create a one-stop shopping experience for surveyors and engineers. You can shop our vast supply of survey equipment to find everything you need to get your job done. Magnetic Locators are an essential tool in every surveyor’s arsenal. You need a tough, reliable, and simple solution, which is why we carry both SubSurface Instruments and Schonstedt magnetic locators. Both manufacturers back their products with a 7-year warranty, with products designed for easy, one-handed operation. We adhere to a commitment to supply high-quality products to our customers, and we can speak to the quality and durability of every pin finder and magnetic locator we sell.

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Our magnetic locator any objects made of ferrous metals. This means that magnetic locators are the ideal solution to find property pines and live wires.

The ML-1 and ML-3 magnetic locator are capable of detecting ferrous metal objects to depth of up to 10’ deep.

All of the subsurface instruments we sell are backed by 7 years of warranty.

Top selling magnetic locators in America

Products & experience you can trust

Both Schonstedt and SubSurface Instruments produce a range of pin finders and magnetic locators, but the SubSurface ML-3 are our most popular. Rugged, simple to operate, waterproof to 250 feet, and time-tested, they are sure to get the job done. The ML-3 is the best value for your money. Competitively priced, it offers world-class performance in a compact package at only 40 inches long. It has a 40-hour battery life and weighs only 2 pounds, including batteries. Designed for simple, one-handed operation, this pin finder features 3 main buttons with a microprocessor that remembers your preferred settings. Backed by a 7-year manufacturer warranty and constructed of high strength aluminum and ABS plastic, you never have to worry about the device not keeping up. The Schonstedt GA-52CX, on the other hand, is the original magnetic locator. Constructed of durable aluminum, the GA-52CX also allows for easy one-handed operations, with only two switches. We’re committed to providing the highest quality products and services at Bench Mark.

Additional pin finders in the USA

We have what you need

In addition to the ML-3 and the GA-52CX, we carry other Schonstedt and SubSurface magnetic locators, including the ML-1, the ML-1M, and the ML-3L. Each model includes some added benefits and more convenient features such as LCD screens for visual reading, waterproof capabilities, audio and visual outputs, and increased range. Regardless of the surveying equipment you need, Bench Mark is western Canada’s top supplier of all things related to survey equipment and accessories. In addition to offering competitive rates and an outstanding selection, we also provide extensive after-sales support free of charge. We can help you troubleshoot issues over the phone, and we can solve most problems with only a 5-minute phone conversation. Trust the experts at Bench Mark.