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SubSurface ML-3S Magnetic Locator


The toughest pin finder on planet earth, the Subsurface ML-3 is built to last the apocalypse. With a 7 year warranty, the ML-3 will always be up to the task when you need it to be. Completely shock and water proof.


The ML-3 is a much-anticipated and welcome addition to the ML family of magnetic locators from SSI. ML-3 magnetic locators represent the best in innovation at work for the water/sewer industry, surveying industry and military.


That’s because the ML-3 reflects many of the items on our customers’ technological wish lists. The ML-3 short is 40″ to meet surveyors’ personal preference, providing an ergonomic, lightweight, rugged, one-handed operation option to traditional magnetic locators. The ML-3 offers unparalleled durability, as all components are housed inside the aircraft-grade aluminum monotube units.


But don’t let its looks fool you. The ML-3S is 100 percent waterproof, IP68 certified up to 250 feet – a first for the industry – so it can be used in difficult weather and submerged under water. Plus, its auto-zero feature allows the user to “cancel” ambient magnetics or magnetic gradient in the soil or water. And it’s digitally tuned, so it offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting ferromagnetic objects.


  • Waterproof up to 75 feet
  • Visual LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Detects Ferrous Objects up to 8 feet deep
  • 40″ long
  • Exceptional Durability


  • Soft-pack custom case
  • 1 set of 9-volt batteries
  • Instruction manual


Key Features

  • Detection of ferrous metal objects, including property pins and markers, live wires, weapons, devices and other objects.
  • IP68 Certified. Waterproof tested to water depths up to 250 ft. (76 m) and a complete protection against dust, dirt, and sand.
  • Easy to use one handed operation with four button keypad:
    • On/Off button: Turns unit on or off.
    • Zero button: Automatically calibrates unit to ambient magnetic conditions.
    • Gain Up button: Increases the locating sensitivity of the unit.
    • Gain Down button: Decreases the locating sensitivity of the unit.
  • Includes soft case with carrying straps and inside pocket for batteries and manual
  • Rugged construction suitable for field conditions
  • Varying pitch audio signal mode using a moving coil speaker for enhanced audio output.
  • Low battery indicator with flashing LCD.
  • With a choice of 2 lengths (40” or 55”), it will fulfill any technician’s needs.
  • Detection of buried ferrous metal objects at depths up to 10’.
    • Handgun: 1’ to 2’
    • 175mm projectile: 4’ to 5’
    • Water Shutoff valve: 6’ to 10’
  • Underwater Search and detection of:
    • Submerged Vehicles
    • Salvageable Wrecks
    • UXOs and Mines
    • Pipes and Cables
  • Optional aluminum hard case available
  • 7 year warranty.


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