(2.4) Used Trimble R10 Model 1 and TSC3 with Trimble Access

$ 11,295.00 CAD



The Trimble R10 is the last generation RTK receiver from Trimble. It contains 6th generation RTK technology. This unit is the Model 1 version, and is not upgradeable to the Model 2 verison. This specific unit was traded in from a construction firm that upgraded to the Hemisphere S631. The unit is in good condition, with cosmetic scuffs and scratches, but is otherwise perfect working condition.


  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
  • Network Capable
  • 1.12 kg with Battery
  • IP67 Dust and Water proof
  • Trimble Access


  • 1x Trimble R10
  • 1x Trimble TSC3 Data Collector
  • 2x Batteries
  • 1x R10 Battery Charger and Cradle
  • 1x TSC3 Data Collector Charger
  • 1x TSC3 Pole Claw and Clamp
  • 2x Download Cable


Unit History

The Trimble R10 we have available was used by a construction contractor, before trading in the unit towards a new Hemisphere S631. It was used as a network rover for several years. There are cosmetic scuffs and scratches on the unit but it is in otherwise great condition. The network functionality has been tested. The data collector also shows cosmetic scuffs and scratches, but it is working perfectly. This is a model 1 rendition of the R10.



Trimble has long been one of the leaders and innovators in GNSS technology. Started in 1978, they produced many of the firsts in GNSS positioning, and have now grown to be one of the largest Geomatics firms in the industry. With there growing suite of equipment options, Trimble provides solutions that can meet every surveyors needs. 

Based in the US, Trimble provides a North American solution, backed by their great software solutions. For those looking for a complete system, where everything is integrated, Trimble is the solution. From the office to the field, Trimble is the best in the industry at providing a total ecosystem to work within. 

The Trimble R10 - Model 1

The Trimble R10 Model 1, is a great reciever that boasts 6th generation RTK technology. This means it performs well in moderate canopy, but will not perform as well as the latest 7th generation RTK receivers. 

With an internal tilt sensor, and different communication options the Trimble R10 offers a great flexible surveying platform. With support for all available survey constellation, the Trimble R10 is a great solution for those looking for a modern and capable receiver, but do not want to purchase a brand new receiver. 

GPS: L1C/A, L1P, L2C, L2E, L5



Galileo: E1, E5a, E5B

BeiDou: B1, B2


Used Equipment

All of our used equipment is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our used equipment standards. Before the instrument is sold, we test to ensure that the instrument specifications are as expected, and any broken parts are replaced or refurbished. Our standard testing regiment includes a range test to ensure the radios of any GNSS receiver are still operating within specifications. Our test course is a 3 km in city range test with no line of sight. This ensures the test is as close to what you experience in the field as possible. For total stations, we ensure that the unit is within expected calibration by shooting multiple points, with both sides of the total station. If work is required, we have an optical expert take a look and adjsut the unit. 

Next we ensure that the instrument has the latest firmware and drivers available. This is to ensure that the unit is working as well as possible when you receive it. In order to repair used equipment, we keep a range of parts for all Hemisphere recievers, and many of the other leading brands. This allows us to repair and refurbish instruments that are otherwise not supported by the manufacturer. Finally, the units are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they look as new as possible.


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