(2.0) DEMO CHCNAV i50 Base and Rover

$ 13,650.00 CAD



CHCNAV has finally made high end GNSS technology affordable for all land surveyors. Finally there is a solution that works and will not break the bank.  The i50’s are CHCNAV’s flagship RTK GNSS reciever, with access to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou signals making them competitive with any top of the line GNSS receiver. There is no longer a need to pay big dollars for top of the line technology, CHCNAV has finally made it affordable for all land surveyors. This is the ideal solution for a surveyor on a budget who still needs to perform at the highest of levels.


  • Dual Hot Swapable Batteries
  • Access to GPS L1 L2 and L5, Galileo, Beidou, SBAS, and QZSS
  • Integrated 4G Modem
  • Internal UHF Radios 410-470 MHz
  • 2.8 lbs


  • 2 CHC Navigation i50 Receivers
  • Fiberglass Tripod
  • 2m Snap Lock Rover Pole
  • Mesa2 Pole Clamp
  • Heavy Duty Tribrach and Adapter
  • Pelican Hard Cases
  • 4 Batteries


The CHCNAV i50 GNSS receiver brings an affordable and an advanced receiver to the market. The i50 is CHCNAV’s best deal. The receiver that gives the biggest bang for your buck. With the ability to track GPS, GLONASS, Galileo BeiDou and SBAS, the i50 is the receiver that will not be going obsolete anytime soon. The i50 brings the speed and accuracy in one easy-to-use GNSS solution to complete your surveying and construction projects efficiently.


With an internal 4 G modem, this is the network rover that can keep up with you. With an internal 4G modem, as long as you have cell service, you should be able to survey. The i50 also works great with Bench-Marks own StormCaster Internet RTK Solution. With a network rover there is no need to worry about a base being blown over by the wind, or dying in the middle of a survey. The network rover is perfect for the surveyor who is always in cell coverage and is looking to save time and money.


The i50 also comes with an internal 1 Watt Radio. This radio makes it easy to integrate the i50 into your existing equipment infrastructure, as it is capable of broadcasting many of the common radio protocols: RTCM, CMR, TRMTLK and more. With the i50 internal radio you have the ability to establish a GNSS RTK Base and rover system that will last you for years to come.


The i50 GNSS receiver integrates positioning and communication technologies in a rugged unit that is designed to provide work flexibility. When RTK networks are unavailable at your job sites, just easily set up one i50 GNSS UHF base and use your i50 GNSS UHF rover to conduct your RTK survey.


Key Features
  •  Full GNSS RTK Receiver
  •  Extended Connectivity
  •  Flexible Work Modes
  •  Rugged and Compact
  •  Extra Power



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