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Juniper Uinta GIS Software

Uinta by Juniper Systems redefines GIS mapping and data collection with its user-friendly design across diverse industries. Simplifying complex tasks, Uinta’s intuitive interface empowers users in utility asset mapping, local government asset management, irrigation mapping, and beyond. Specialized templates streamline processes, allowing accurate mapping without the hassle of intricate software. Whether it’s utility pole inspections, natural resource management, or equine recordkeeping, Uinta’s simplicity stands out, ensuring efficient data collection and analysis. It’s not just a tool; it’s an accessible ally transforming intricate workflows into streamlined, user-friendly experiences tailored to specific industry needs.

Experience Uinta’s effortless interface, bridging the gap between functionality and simplicity. With Uinta, harness the power of GIS mapping and data collection without the complexities, allowing professionals to focus on their tasks with ease and precision, regardless of the industry.

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Product details

  • Efficient Data Capture
  • Professional Mapping
  • Advanced Customization
  • Cloud Support

Package includes

  • GNSS
  • Custom Project Formats
  • Geode and S631 Compatible
  • Can Take GNSS NMEA Strings
  • Android and Windows Compatible


Juniper's Uinta

Experience the boundless versatility of Juniper’s Uinta in GIS mapping and data collection – a transformative solution that caters to an array of industries and use cases. Uinta breaks the shackles of rigid software, offering unparalleled customization that aligns precisely with your unique project requirements.

For those navigating utility asset mapping, Uinta emerges as a beacon of accuracy. From transformers to manholes, valves, electric lines, fiber optic lines, and gas lines, Uinta’s specialized templates facilitate accurate mapping, complete with standard utility color codes for points, lines, and areas. The end result? Professional-grade PDF map reports and easily shared GIS files, delivering comprehensive data to your customers.

Perfect for Asset Management

But Uinta’s prowess extends far beyond utility mapping alone. Municipalities and local governments find solace in our municipal sample templates. Tailored for managing public assets like maintenance, parks, and utilities, these templates are easily modifiable to cater to specific needs. The export feature facilitates seamless integration with various GIS systems, optimizing asset management processes.

Commercial irrigation mapping and water audits become effortless endeavors with Uinta. From valves and control heads to main lines, laterals, and zones, Uinta’s capabilities extend to as-built mapping and surveys, accompanied by detailed reports including equipment lists and photos for enhanced communication with customers.

Are you into utility pole mapping and inspection? Uinta’s custom templates expedite pole data collection, incorporating vital details like asset heights, midspans, photos, and pole status. Customizable to specific job requirements, the exported data in formats like Microsoft Excel and Google Earth (KML) ensures smooth collaboration with stakeholders.

Drawing from our roots in natural resources, Uinta caters to a broad spectrum of use cases – from range management and environmental consulting to wildlife surveys and geological sampling. Sample templates facilitate streamlined workflows, enabling researchers to import, navigate to, and capture data from various environmental sites for in-depth analysis.

Industrial asset inspections? Uinta stands as your trusty companion, configuring inspection rounds and asset tracking while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. Whether with or without mapping needs, the templates serve as a launching pad for customization, guaranteeing compliance and efficiency.

Harbor management professionals find Uinta indispensable for mooring layout plans and navigation. Combining Uinta with Juniper Systems’ Geode Real-time Sub-meter GPS Receiver, it’s the perfect tool for accurate buoy placements and navigation, ensuring hassle-free harbor operations and minimized boat collisions.

Uinta isn’t just a tool – it’s a versatile ally tailored to diverse industries and use cases, transforming GIS mapping and data collection into a personalized, efficient, and impactful experience. Explore Uinta today and discover the infinite possibilities it offers for your specific needs.

Even equine management and recordkeeping benefit from Uinta’s adaptability. Custom templates cater to large clinics, small vet practices, or ambulatory vets, providing digital alternatives to paper-based exam forms, historical records, task management, and seamless data export for billing and record-keeping purposes.

Industry Best Support

Here at Bench-Mark we have designed our support services to make learning FieldGenius as easy as possible. This includes our live tech support, live training, cheat sheets, and video guides. We want you to have all the information you need to make sure the software does everything you need it to. 

Our live training session occur several times a week and are live on Zoom. In these sessions, we go over how to set the gear up, how to create a new project, stake a point, and more. As there are often only 1-2 people in a session, you can ask questions to help tailor FieldGenius to your exact needs. 

Our comprehensive cheat sheet and video guides cover the most basic topics from changing your coordinate system to the most advanced functions in FieldGenius like calculating volumes. Each guide is curated so that you can easily find what you are looking for. 


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