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Juniper CP3 Rugged Android Smart Phone and Geode GNSS Antenna Combo


Compact and durable the Juniper CP3 and Geode receiver make a great combo for quickly taking measurements. Simple to learn and use, the Geode is the ultimate solution for submetre GPS work. Looking for a simple sub-meter GNSS solution at an affordable price? With the Geode, you can easily collect real-time, sub-meter GNSS data without the huge price tag or complexity of other precision receivers. Designed with versatility in mind, the Geode works with a wide range of Windows®, Windows Mobile, and Android® devices to fit your needs exactly and is especially useful for bring-your-own-device workplaces. Take the Geode with you mounted on a pole, in a pack, or held in your hand to collect real-time sub-meter GNSS data in harsh environments, using almost any handheld device. This unit is paired with the CP3, the next generation of rugged android smartphones from Juniper Systems, giving users an affordable option for impressive on-the-job durability. With massive upgrades over its predecessor, the CT5, the CP3 touts increased memory and storage, a lightning-fast processor, global GSM cell, unbeatable battery life, and, of course, the rugged durability for which Juniper Systems is known.


  • Sub-Meter Accuracy
  • Real Time Data
  • Compact Size
  • All Day Battery Life
  • Open Interface


  • CP3 Rugged Android Handheld
  • Geode GNSS Antenna (L1 GPS + GLONASS)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 100-240 VAC Charger (US)
  • USB Cable
  • Headphones
  • Screen protector
  • Quick Start Guide


Juniper Geode

The Geode Sub Meter GNSS Receiver from Juniper Systems is the ideal solution for those looking for an affordable sub-meter solution. This does not have the traditional price tag of RTK capable GNSS receivers. Often times you do not need sub-centimeter level accuracy, but can make do with sub-meter accuracy. This is where the Geode truly excels.



The Geode from Juniper Systems is a single frequency, single constellation receiver. The Geode is the simple receiver that is deigned to get the job done and do nothing else. There are no extra bells and whistles you do not need, the Geode simply gets the job done. With the ability to upgrade to GLONASS and a higher update rate, the Geode has the ability to perfectly meet your needs.



The Juniper Geode Sub-Meter GNSS Receiver is the solution that contains the tools to have the flexibility you need. To start off with the Geode has several different communication needs in order to meet your needs. The Geode has the ability to communicate over Bluetooth, with the option to upgrade the receiver to contain both a DB-9 port and a Micro USB Port. The Geode has the options to work with the equipment you already own. The Geode connect software is also compatible across multiple platforms. With Juniper’s Geode connect, you have the ability to run a, Windows, Windows Mobile or Android device with the Geode. With the Geode you truly have the flexibility to run the receiver with the solution you already own. There is no need for expensive and unnecessary equipment that only works with the Geode. The Geode also contains the option to work with standard camera accessories with the 1/4″ x 20 camera studs, or traditional surveying equipment 5/8″ threads. This is the receiver that has the ability to meet the solution you need it to. Whether you want to carry this in a backpack, on a rover pole, or a camera mono-pod, the Geode has the flexibility to meet your needs.


Juniper Rugged

The Juniper has the ability to work as long as you do. This is the receiver that is built to last for years to come, and has the battery life to last all day long. With the on-board 5300 mAh battery, you can expect around 10 hours of battery life from a Geode Sub Meter GNSS Receiver. This is not the receiver you have to carry around extra batteries for, it has the power to last the entire work day. With Overtime Technology, the Geode always has the power to work when you need it to. The Geode is also built to last. This is not the receiver you have to worry about around the job-site, it is built to take the abuse you expect it to see on site. The Geode has an IP68 environmental rating, this is the receiver that will stand up to the dust and spray you will expect to see in a days work. There is no need to put the Geode away when the going gets tough. It simply just works.


Key Features

  • Sub-Meter Accuracy
  • Real-Time Data
  • All-In-One Design: Contains both Receiver and Antenna
  • Open Interface

Ask our sales team today about the optional refresh rate, GLONASS and communication port upgrades today.


Juniper CP3

With the Juniper CP3 you can work hard and worry less. The Juniper Cedar CP3 Rugged smartphone is the ultimate ruggidized, tough smartphone. This is the smartphone that has been designed to be used hard without ever needing to back down. With the Juniper CP3, you have the technology and the build quality to last you for years to come.


Juniper Rugged

The Juniper CP3 is the smartphone with a quite frankly ridiculous battery life. The Juniper Cedar CP3 boasts a 6000 mAh battery with 480 h of standby time. In fact the battery inside the Cedar CP3 can last for 50 h of talking time. This is the smartphone that can keep working long after you have given up. The CP3 always has the battery power to get the job done. There is no worrying about having to constantly charge this smartphone, it is always ready to go. Being a Rugged smartphone, the most important feature is how well the phone can withstand dust and water. This is another feature that the CP3 knocks out of the park. The CP3 has an impressive IP68 water and dustproof IP68 environmental rating. This is the rugged smartphone that will withstand anything you can throw at it. This is not the smartphone that is damaged by a little bit of rain, you can fully submerge this phone without risking damaging the device.



Running Android 7.1.2 on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 Octa-core, the Cedar CP3 has more then enough processing power to get the job done. This is not the phone that is going to slow down as you start running apps, the Snapdragon 653 has plenty of power to get all of your jobs done. Paired with the 6 GB of RAM, Juniper’s CP3 is the data collector that always has the ability to get your job done. There is no need to worry about being unable to work because your device is not powerful enough for your application. This is all supported by the internal 64 GB of storage and the expandable Mirco SD storage. With these two options you always have the memory to store all of your points without having to worry. There is always an option ready for you.



The Juniper CP3 is 4G capable smart phone. This is the rugged smartphone that has the functionality to act as your regular cell phone. There is no need to worry about not having the technology completely eclipsing the Cedar, it is has the capability to stay current. With an on-board Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS GLONASS receiver the CP3 has the tools to make any job easy. This is the smartphone you can always rely on to get the job done without holding you back. For just about any question you have, the CP3 has an answer.


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