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GeoMeasure AT-24X Automatic Builder’s Grade Level Package

Built to last with an IP67 rating, the Geo-Measure AT-24x is the simple familiar solution to your digital level needs. Limited time pricing options now available. The Geo-Measure 24x Automatic Builder’s level features an automatic compensator making is stable against vibrations. The automatic level is tightly sealed against humidity and dust (IP67), and is quick and easy to set up and simple to sight. The level incorporates an endless horizontal motion drive with two knobs for fast and easy aiming of your survey equipment. And the two knobs make it operable with the right or left hand. The Geo-Measure 24x automatic level has a 5/8” by 11” thread to fit any standard tripod making it suitable for either a flat or dome head tripods.

Product details

  • Automatic compensator; stable against vibrations and shock.
  • Sturdy, compact, and tightly sealed against humidity and dust (IP67)
  • Quick and easy to set up; simple to sight
  • Fast and easy aiming, operable with the right or left hand.

Package includes

  • AT-24X Automatic Builder’s Level
  • Carrying Case
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod
  • Rod – Foot/Inches or Metric


The GeoMeasure AT-24x is the Builder’s Grade Level that is built to get the job done. There is no fancy readouts, or confusing operations. It simply works and works well. This is the level that you can turn to when the job needs to get done quickly and without a big hassle. If you don’t need the same precision, or aren’t working over larger distance the AT-24x builders level is for you.

When paired with our heavy duty wooden tripod, this is the setup that will not move on you while working. This is the level and tripod combo that works because of how simple and straightforward it is to use. There is no complex pieces that require constant maintenance, or need to be constantly watched. This is the tripod that is built to work and last as long as you do.

As for the level rod, we have a lightweight aluminum telescoping rod to always get the shot you need to. This is the rod that is built to work, as well as last. With the large easy read measurements, there is no guess work. You simply know it works.


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