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CHCNAV Apache 3 Single Beam USV Echo Sounding Boat


CHCNAV’s Apache 3 is the USV Echo Sounding Boat that allows for the automated echo sounding of a body water. The entire boat, sounding and control structure is all built into the same unit. There is no need for an operator driven boat, everything is contained within the same unit. This is the ideal unit for echo-sounding unit that has everything you need.


  • Single person operation
  • Triple-hulled vessel design
  • Absolute linear technology
  • High-resolution video camera
  • Dual-pole protective design


  • CHC Navigation Apache 5 USV Echo Sounding Solution
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CHCNAV’s Apache 3 is a USV solution that allows for the autonomous sounding of a body of water. This is the most cost effective single beam autonomous echo sounder available on the market.

The whole package can either be manually controlled by an operator, or it can be programmed to be fully autonomous, to improve safety for operators. When paired with an additional GNSS RTK receiver, like the CHCNAV i50 the USV can quickly and accurately determine position in x, y and z. This data is also supplemented by by the presence of a high resolution camera on the top of the USV.


Here are the key features of the boat.

● Single person operation: With a weight of 10 kg (without battery and echo sounder), the APACHE 5 it can be carried by a single person during the entire project from on-site transport, installation, calibration and mission processing.


● Triple-hulled vessel design: The detachable triple-hulled vessel design is perfectly meeting various mission environments. Fitted with its dual floating bodies to keep hull balance while operation in the open lake region.


● Absolute linear technology: APACHE 3 integrates high precision positioning and heading technology to maintain a perfect straight sailing course even in complex current conditions.


● High-resolution video camera: This unique feature provides real-time video feedback of the APACHE 5 up to 2 km when being out of line-of-sight or during fog situation. Live video feed increases mission efficiency and safety in emergency situations (riverfront survey, grounding…).


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