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CHCNAV APACHE 4 Hydrographic and Bathymetric Survey Boat


The APACHE 4 is a perfect solution for obtaining high quality data for flow and velocity measurements in water where manned boat access is impractical, such as in front of dam structures, or where safety is a concern, such as during flood level measurements.


  • Built-In Single-Beam Echo Sounder
  • Motor
  • SBES Transducer
  • ADCP Access Shaft
  • 360 Degrees Camera


  • CHC Navigation APACHE 4 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey USV


CHCNAV’s APACHE 4 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey USV makes insures high-accuracy positioning when paired with the most prominent ADCP systems. It is the safest and most practical solution for projects where manned operation is unrealistic, such as damming projects or for flood measurement. Because of its safety radar system and  internal GNSS and IMU sensors, this system is able to remain autonomous, only requiring operation from shore. The APACHE’s hovering system and shallow draft allow for smooth navigation, and makes for an incredibly versatile system that is compact and easy to transport.

The APACHE 4 single-beam USV allows for water depth profile data while simultaneosly verifying ADCP accuracy.


The APACHE 4 includes these features:

  • Hovering Technology: Even in adverse conditions, whether it be turbulence, or change in flow rate, the APACHE 4 will pull through. The hover technology allows this boat to smoothly glide along the cross-section, insuring accurate points at start and end of the ADCP observation.


  • Versatile: APACHE 4 is compatible with mutliple ADCPs. This wide selection includes M9, RTDP 1200, RiverPro, and RiverRay.


  • Stable Position Heading: Because of its design for shore-operation, this unit was built to be autonoumous. The Radar and Live Video Feed systems keep the APACHE out of the way of obstacles, even in loss of visiblility. In addition, there is no need to worry about signal loss with the APACHE 4. Because of its IMU sensor, postition data is always available regardless of signal.


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