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CHCNAV Apache 3 Single Beam EchoSounder


The CHCNAV Apache 3 is the ideal portable shallow draft USV for single beam echo sounding for bathymetric surveys of lakes, inland rivers and costal areas. Keep full control with 4G communication.


  • 25 kg Payload
  • Triple Hull Design
  • 700 W Motor
  • Max Speed 8 m/s
  • Up to Hour Base Battery Life
  • Internal UHF and Cell Communication


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Apache 3

The Apache 3 from CHCNAV is the cost-effective single beam echo sounder, designed for use by one person. Designed around the idea of being portable and easy to use, this is the sounding boat you can use to streamline your operation. The Apache 3 is built for shallow drafts, with a single beam echo sounder for bathymetric surveys of lakes, costal areas and rivers. With an onboard dual GNSS positioning and heading sensor, and an onboard IMU senosor you do not need to worry about bridges. Everything is ready to go.


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