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Survey transits from Bench Mark

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Survey transit theodolites typically have a three-screw levelling base. This base is mounted to your survey tripod to provide a secure, adjustable mounting point to begin your layout or survey. The body of the theodolite consists of the upper assembly, called the alidade, and the circle assembly. The alidade includes the standards, telescope, digital display, plate bubbles, compass, and upper tangent screw. The circle assembly includes the horizontal circle, covered by the alidade plate, the upper clamp screw, and produces highly accurate angular readings in the field. At Bench Mark, we offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all theodolites and survey transits. We also calibrate each device prior to selling it to ensure compliance with specifications. You can shop our selection of GeoMeasure and GeoMax digital survey theodolites today!

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Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies sells GeoMeasure and GeoMax theodolites (Survey Transits). We carry a range of models of Theodolite (Survey Transit), one of which will suit your needs, whether a contractor or a surveyor. Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies is a Canadian business based in Calgary that has a strong presence in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan for theodolites.

Theodolites (Survey Transits) are an inexpensive and accurate tool for construction layout and basic surveying. A Theodolite (Survey Transit) is a survey instrument designed to precisely measure horizontal and vertical angles. In addition to measuring horizontal and vertical angles, Theodolites (Survey Transits) are used to establish straight lines, to establish horizontal and vertical distances using stadia, and to establish elevations when used as a level.

Using a digital survey theodolite

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Digital survey theodolites are easy to use, and we can show you how. Set up the survey transit over a point using the optical plummet device on the bottom of the theodolite. Next, back-sight your theodolite survey instrument by sighting the crosshairs and focusing the telescope on a reference point. The reference point can be occupied by a pole at least 150 feet away. The next step is to zero the survey transit by hitting the set zero button. You can measure any horizontal or vertical angle on the theodolite using the displayed readings on the LED display screen. When you finish, put the instrument back in the case, but remember never to close the case when it’s wet. At Bench Mark, we back our equipment with a guarantee. If you ever experience any issues or difficulties during operation, we can help you get it up and running with only a five-minute phone call!

America's best-selling survey transit theodolites

GeoMeasure SDJ-02 & GeoMax Zipp-02

At Bench Mark, we carry two of America’s best-selling theodolites, including the GeoMeasure SDJ-02 and the GeoMax Zipp-02. The SDJ-02 is a piece of land surveying equipment that features a single horizontal spindle with a cross telescope. This new design concept offers higher precision and better stability with the added benefit of shock resistance. It contains an absolute angular encoder system, which allows angles to be read without passing zero, simplifying the process. It also features a large LCD double-sided display with backlight technology, displaying horizontal and vertical angles at the same time. The Zipp-02 is a high-grade solution, featuring vertical compensation and 2-inch accuracy. The GeoMax theodolite features a high-quality steel axis system to ensure durability. Equipped with a dual-sided backlit LCD display and six one-touch buttons for easy operation, the Zipp-02 survey transit is the perfect surveying tool for checking angles and short-range levelling. Browse our selection of theodolites, GNSS receivers, and  systems online!