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Hemisphere S631 Base and Rover RTK GNSS Trade-In Program


Request a quote today on trade-up credits for your existing receivers. We will pay fair market value for your receivers when you are looking to purchase a new S631 base and rover system.


The Hemisphere S631 is the latest receiver from Hemisphere GNSS. The S631 carries the latest Phantom P40 board that is designed to take advantage of all the available constellations and signals. This is the best performing receiver in multi-path environments on the market. When paired with the 60° tilt sensor this is the receiver that you can take anywhere to survey anything.


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  • Triple Frequency Multi Constellation Receiver
  • Fix on Any Constellation
  • Best in Class Canopy Performance
  • Internal 1 Watt Satel Radio – 10 km Range
  • LTE Internal Cell Modem
  • 9 Hour Hot Swappable Batteries
  • 1.3 kg with Batteries


  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Base Receiver
  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Rover Receiver
  • UHF Antennas
  • 4x Batteries
  • Mesa2 Windows 10 Rugged Tablet
  • MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius 10
  • Tripod
  • Adjustable 2m Pole


Hemisphere S631

The Hemisphere S631 is the latest GNSS receiver from Hemisphere. The S631 takes everything that made the beloved S320 and S321+ receivers so great and improves upon those ideas. The hot swappable batteries and compact size were adopted from the S320 and further improved upon, while the robust RTK engine and great Satel radios were taken from the S321+. Sporting the brand new Phantom P40 board, the Hemisphere S631 offers unparalleled performance.


Tilt Surveying

The Hemisphere S631 finally allows for tilt shots while surveying, up to an angle of 60°. With a 60° internal tilt sensor, you can get shots you thought were otherwise impossible. Whether the point is under a vehicle or directly next to a building, you can tilt the receiver to an angle where it can see more of the sky, ensuring your accuracy. The internal tilt sensor in the S631 offers 2 cm of compensation at 30° or 5 cm at 60°. Never have the calibration of your pole impact your results again.


Better Performance

With the new Phantom P40 board, the Hemisphere S631 now sees; GPS; L1CA, L1P, L1C, L2P, L2C, L5, GLONASS; G1, G2, G3, P1, P2, Beidou; B1i, B2i, B3i, B10C, B2A, B2B, ACEBOC, GALILEO; E1BC, E5a, E5b, E6BC, ALTBOC, QZSS; L1CA, L2C, L5, L1C, LEX, IRNSS; L5 and Atlas. With this many different constellations and signals, you get better performance in multi-path environments. With the improved infrastructure of the Phantom P40 board, the S631 is designed to take advantage of everything available to it. This is the receiver designed to be future proof.


Designed Around Surveying

The Hemisphere S631 is designed to make surveying easy. With the internal cell modem and powerful 1 Watt internal radio, the S631 is designed to give you the flexibility to work around your projects. You can choose the communication settings that meet the requirements for your job. With the hot swappable batteries, there is no need to stop in the middle of the day and reconfigure your base and rover as the batteries die. Simply keep an extra set of batteries on hand and keep working as long as you need. Not that you should ever have to swap batteries as the S631 can run for 9 hours off a single set of batteries. This is the receiver that works as long as you do. The entire receiver is protected by a magnesium alloy enclosure that is rated for a 2 m pole drop, and is completely dust and waterproof.


Key S631 Features

  • Multi-Frequency, Multi Constellation Base Rover Capability
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS, Atlas
  • Athena RTK Engine
  • Hot Swappable Batteries with 9 Hours of Life on Single Charge
  • Internal Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular and UHF
  • Over GNSS Channels
  • 8 GB of Internal Storage
  • Static Capable


Juniper Mesa 3

Juniper’s Mesa 3 runs Windows 10, meaning that you can enjoy all the features you already know and love on your desktop computer. Never has it been easier to upload and download jobs then with the Mesa 3.


The days of needing multiple devices to collect and analyze data with are gone. Running Windows 10, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet provides users with powerful functionality in the field—making the use of a desktop computer simply… optional.


The Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet is built ultra-tough for unwavering reliability in the most rugged conditions out there. As the only Windows tablet on the market with the highest protection against water and dust, the Mesa 3 has an impressive IP68 rating, and is designed to exceed MIL-STD-810G for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, and temperature. Translation: this thing is a tank. No matter if you’re working in hot or cold, wet or dusty conditions, consider the Mesa 3 your office, anywhere.


On top of that, the Mesa 3 battery has an outstanding life cycle—so long, in fact, that you shouldn’t ever need to replace it. It’s also optimized for strong performance in cold temperatures, meaning you’ll get enhanced battery life, no matter what environment you’re working in.



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