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MicroSurvey STAR*NET Standard

MicroSurvey’s Starnet is a vital tool for engineers dedicated to ensuring precise survey data. Designed for meticulous data validation, it effortlessly handles 2D/3D survey networks by integrating various data sources like GPS vectors, conventional observations, and leveling data. Starnet’s results are organized meticulously, offering key metrics for engineers to refine accuracy, including Sum of Squares and Chi-Square tests.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies data validation, featuring an in-built editor for easy manipulation and precise column editing. The latest version, STAR*NET 9, optimizes performance with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, ensuring swift and accurate analysis. As a go-to for engineers seeking unwavering precision, Starnet guarantees the highest accuracy standards in survey data through rigorous validation processes.

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  • Combine Total Station and GPS Vectors with Leveling Data
  • Report Outputs in Geodetic and Ground Coordinates
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MicroSurvey's StarNet Least Square Adjustment Software

Engineered for meticulous data validation and precision, MicroSurvey’s Starnet stands as an indispensable tool for engineers seeking rigorous data checking capabilities. Specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of engineering precision, Starnet excels in its ability to meticulously process and validate survey data with unwavering accuracy.

At its core, Starnet is a robust least squares adjustment software meticulously crafted to handle 2D/3D survey networks with uncompromising attention to detail. Engineers relying on Starnet benefit from its unparalleled capacity to handle diverse data sources, effortlessly integrating conventional observations with GPS vectors and differential leveling data. This seamless integration empowers engineers to cross-validate information from various instruments, ensuring comprehensive and error-free data compilation.

Starnet’s strength lies in its ability to scrutinize and refine data outputs to meet the highest standards of accuracy. The software delivers meticulously organized results, presenting key metrics such as the Sum of Squares, Error Factors, and Chi-Square tests with acute sensitivity to inputs. This not only provides a comprehensive overview but also serves as a meticulous guide, pinpointing areas for improvement and refinement within the data, ensuring utmost precision in the final results.

The interface of Starnet is meticulously designed to streamline the rigorous data validation process. Its intuitive built-in data input file editor simplifies the task of data manipulation, automatically color-coordinating data for clarity and offering a bookmarking feature for efficient cross-referencing within extensive datasets. This interface prioritizes user convenience without compromising on the stringent checks required for accurate data validation.

Engineers relying on Starnet benefit from its robust editing capabilities, allowing for meticulous column editing akin to advanced text editor programs. Additionally, the software’s command autocompletion feature within the integrated data editor provides seamless assistance in selecting precise keywords, enhancing efficiency in data validation tasks without compromising on accuracy.

With the recent release of STAR*NET 9, engineers now have access to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, each optimized for enhanced performance and memory utilization. The 64-bit version particularly excels in handling extensive datasets swiftly, ensuring engineers can conduct rigorous data checks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

For engineers dedicated to ensuring the utmost precision and reliability in their survey data, MicroSurvey’s Starnet stands as a steadfast ally, offering unparalleled rigor in data checking and validation, thereby ensuring the highest standards of accuracy in their projects.”


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