MicroSurvey STAR*NET Standard

$ 1,925.00 CAD



MicroSurvey’s STAR*NET is the world’s most popular least square adjustment software.


  • Combine Total Station and GPS Vectors with Leveling Data
  • Report Outputs in Geodetic and Ground Coordinates
  • Data Convertors
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With MicroSurvey’s STAR*NET you get the most popular least square adjustment software in the industry. It is simple to use, incredibly accurate, and a reliable solution that you can put your trust behind. Some jurisdictions have even mandated the use of STAR*NET when submitting plans. Our customers often tell us that when they decided to add least squares adjustment to their workflow, implementing STAR*NET was the next logical step. Let STAR*NET help you improve both the precision of your work and your confidence; by using our world class least squares adjustment software, you can trust that you’ve got it right!
All surveying workflows allow you to compute positions. Using STAR*NET allows you to compute positions, identify the reliability of these positions, and easily sift through the data to reassure yourself that the results are true and free of systematic errors. When processing your measurements, STAR*NET gives you dynamic tips that identify problems and help you learn the required workflow. STAR*NET guides you through assessing your network, helping to ensure that all accepted measurements have the required “goodness of fit”, while comprehensive listing and output options allow you to document your process. This enables you to demonstrate to your clients that the results meet their standards, and that your reference can be relied upon as the pillar of their operation. When you add STAR*NET to your workflow, you’ll never find yourself feeling like you’ve thrown numbers into a “black box”, blindly trusting that the results are accurate; you’ll know they are!


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