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Futtura LT-810 Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser

The Futtura LT-810 is the the automatic self-leveling laser, that does it all. This is the grading laser that can answer all of your problems. With 700 m of range this is the single slope laser that out ranges everything else. Paired with the up to 60 Hours of battery life, this is the unit that can work all day long without having to change batteries and stop work. This is the leveling laser that can be integrated with your machine control applications, the one that looks to make your life easier. With a grade range of -10 % to 15 %, a rotation speed up to 750 rpm, and a visible 635 nm laser, the LT-810 is the laser level that offers you the flexibility to find the solution that works for your job.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Automatic self-leveling in level & slope mode
  • Height of instrument alert (HI alert)
  • Long 2,000 foot (700m) operating diameter
  • Machine control compatible
  • 635nm visible red beam
  • Optional recharge kit
  • Wide temperature range thermal compensation

Package includes

  • LT-810 Single Slope Laser
  • CR3 laser sensor
  • Receiver Rod clamp
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Carry Case
  • 5M Foot/Inches / Metric Leveling Rod
  • Heavy Duty 100% Fiberglass Tripod


Futura’s LT-810 is the affordable high-end laser level. This is the laser level with the features and the ability to meet all of your automatic self-leveling laser needs. This is the laser level built to last on the job site.


The LT-810 boasts a 700 m operating radius, meaning that you can always cover the area you need to without multiple setups and a lot of wasted time. This is the level that is built to get the job done quickly and easily. When this is paired with the up to 60 hours of operating time, the LT-810 is always able to work when and where you need it to. This is the laser with the ability to quickly cover a work site, the one that is built with ease of use in mind.


The Futtura LT-810 is also accurate. This is not the laser you have to worry about putting you in the wrong spot. With a ± 10 arc seconds, this is the laser level that will get you the correct measurements. And with the self-leveling features, this is level also helps eliminate some of that all so common human error.


The Futtura LT-810 is an affordable, automatic true self-leveling single slope laser. Rugged, reliable, and accurate, the LT-810 is designed for any level or sloped application such as:

  • Concrete forms and footers
  • Grading and excavating
  • Sloped concrete pours required for runoff
  • Parking garages and ramps
  • Site preparation and dirt grade
  • Drainage and ditch work


The CR3 detector is another part of this kit that makes the LT-810 so powerful. With an audio signal to guide you to the proper grade height, it has never been easier to establish a grade. As well, with up to 35 hours of battery life and a smart auto turn off to save battery, this is the detector that will get you through the entire work day with absolutely no issues. To top that off the detector is also  extremely light, and can be fixed to everything from a pole to a machine.

  • Beam detection window – 45mm / 1.73in
  • Beam detection precision – High precision: ±1mm / Normal precision: ±2mm
  • Beam detection indication – Liquid crystal (both sides) and buzzer
  • Power supply – 9v dry cell battery x1
  • Operating time – Approx. 35 hours
  • Auto shut-off delay . Approx. 20 min without beam detection
  • Water and dust resistance . IP65
  • Operating temperature . -20˚C / -4˚F to +50˚C / 122˚F
  • Weight . 196g / 6.91oz


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