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Carlson Survey (For Auto Cad / Intellicad)



Carlson Survey is the number one office solution for surveyors. It provides a fill toolkit for surveyors with everything from surface modelling to network least squares. Carlson Survey 2018 is an easy-to-use intuitive software that also provides upgrades to such as added support for geodetic angles, distance and areas in its core survey commands, and an enhanced 3D viewer window, which provides faster zoom, pan and rotate for larger models. The enhancement also enables view pivot around current vies as opposed to just overall model center. It also features flexible data storage methods, fixes common drafting errors, and supports industry standard LandXML and scores of specific data conversions.


  • Fully adjustable for cleaner designs with no overlapping labels
  • Document Management: Carlson Data Depot – for sharing files and archiving or making back-ups
  • Get everyone working on the same page with this ability to establish company-wide settings and styles
  • Easy-to-use table of custom items you can draw complete with standardized properties
  • Ability to add or remove points from processing and then recalculate
  • The menus for each survey solution run side by side


  • Carlson Survey


Carlson Survey is built to be easy to use and even easier to understand. That is why Survey runs in AutoCAD, Civil3D and IntelliCAD, software you are already familiar with. There is no need to relearn how to do everything, as everything is already familiar.


Here are some of the many tools offered by Carlson Survey;


  • Build Surfaces – by triangulation or rectangular grids
  • Contouring – One step triangulate and contour from 3D entities as well as contouring from surface files
  • Surface Manager – Change surface display properties and adjust surface functions to add and remove points and breaklines and swap edges
  • Volumes – Earthwork volumes between triangulation or grid surfaces
  • Pad Design – Tie cut/fill slopes from pad perimeter to surface, build pad surface, calculate and balance volumes, and edit pad parameters



  • Design and Edit Centerlines – Design or input alignments on screen or in dialog with graphics
  • Label Stations and Offsets – Annotate station and offsets along centerline and at selected points
  • Calculate Offsets – Reports stations and offsets for selected points along centerline
  • Create Offset Points – Create points at specified stations and offsets
  • Spirals – Flexible handling of the most complex spiral curves including elements going arc-spiral-arc, arc-spiral-line and line-spiral-line



  • Import/Export – User-defined import and export of point data along with conversions with specific other formats
  • Draw Points – Draw points with settings for symbols, layers and styles
  • Point Groups – Point group manager to define sets of point by filters
  • Coordinate File History – Tracks all changes to points with report and undo functions
  • Fix Point Label Overlaps – Finds point label overlaps with rule options to fix automatically
  • Point Tools – Utilities for modify point labels such as move with leader, twist and resize



  • Traverse Adjustment – Spreadsheet editor for raw data with graphics and processing for traverse adjustments
  • SurvNET – Advanced network least-squares for total station, GPS and level data
  • Field-to-Finish – Draw points with styles and in point groups set by point descriptions and draw linework by several flexible methods
  • Field-to-Finish Inspector – Inspect all field-to-finish elements, see description source and re-draw based on descriptions edits
  • COGO – Streamlined inverse, traverse, sideshot, intersections, interpolation, translate, rotate, scale and align
  • Coordinate Transformations – Transform coordinates and screen entities between lat/lon and grid projections as well as local to local by Helmert and least-squares methods
  • Deeds – Enter deed by description, read deed data from deed file, deed reports, deed correlation and generate legal description from drawing
  • Cut Sheets – Create custom cut sheet reports with reference grades and station-offsets



  • Label Areas – Customized area label styles and several methods to select areas to label
  • Size Areas – Sliding side area, hinged area, area radial from curve and bearing area cutoff
  • Lot Manager – Lot definitions by point numbers with functions to create lots, conduct mapcheck for closure, edit in spreadsheet with graphics, report lots and draw lots
  • Lot Layout – Size lots along alignment with controls for target area, setback and frontage
  • Offsets, Intersection and Cul-de-Sacs – Layout for ROW and EOP linework


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