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Carlson SurvCE GPS is far and away the premier software for anyone looking to collect data with GPS. Carlson SurvCE is a complete data collection system for Real Time (RTK) GPS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry.  SurvCE supports all Sokkia Total Stations and GPS, as well as most other Total Stations and GPS systems available today.


  • Tab-Based MENU Structure. All commands are visible in each menu, preventing the need for Up-Down Arrow Keying to view options.
  • Points plot on MAP screen as they are shot in the field or entered. There is no need to switch between screens to view your points.
  • In GPS mode, you can track your position on the MAP screen at all times, in all data collecting and stakeout commands.
  • Points can be displayed in two sizes, with selective freezing of numbers, elevations and descriptions.
  • A Command Line is provided on the MAP screen.
  • You can draw polylines, create points on polylines, turn polylines into centerlines, erase polylines, inverse,
  • traverse and sideshot, find and zoom to point, and freeze and thaw layers.
  • Zoom Previous. Easily go back to your last display view.


  • Carlson SurvCE GPS without Basic (TS)


Carlson SurvCE offers support for all of the RTK GPS antennas and manufactures you already know and expect. Brands like Hemisphere CHCNAV, Topcon, Leica, Sokkia and more, have already had their drivers programmed into SurvCE. This means that if your equipment has been made in the past 20 years it will more than likely work with a version of SurvCE. Carlson SurvCE is the complete data collection solution for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS systems. This is the package you buy to get work done quickly and easily, without the need for extensive retraining. This is the solution that won’t cost you any extra money.


With Bench-Mark’s renowned service, there is always someone on the other side of the phone available to help you sort out your problems. You won’t get stuck in the field unable to work, David and Rene will always be able to find an answer for you. This is the team you can rely on to get you up and running.


Ask us today about how Carlson’s SurvCE could be the answer for you.


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