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How is GPS Used in Agriculture?


There are many different uses for GPS surveying equipment, and each of them assists specific industries and individuals. One of the most important sectors for GPS is agriculture, where it is important to know the exact features of a location. Below you can learn about some of the most exciting ways that GPS implements are put to use by farmers.

6 Uses for GPS in Agriculture

Reducing Manual Labour

Of course, there are many ways that GPS can reduce manual labour, such as the reduction of personnel necessary for operating GPS surveying equipment. However, in agriculture, there is a remarkable utility for this technology, especially regarding tractor use. Fertilizing, harvesting, cultivating, and pest control are all great contenders for GPS use to navigate automatic equipment and save time. 

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling provides valuable insight into the conditions your products are likely to grow in. With the help of GPS, it is easy to designate the exact locations of the samples as well as the distance between them. This assistance is essential for planning operations.

Crop Dusting

Crop dusting is an essential part of the harvesting and farming of crops. However, there are several negative side effects to the environment and soil quality when insecticide spraying is overused. Thankfully, with the addition of GPS equipment, farmers can precisely target the infected areas and prevent the spread to healthy crops.

Contour Mapping

Contour mapping is the process of measuring the elevation of a particular field. For some crops, irregular heights pose no issue, but for others, they must have a wide, open and flat area to proliferate. GPS surveying equipment can provide fine details about all rises and falls on your land.

Determining Planting Ratios

The space between seeds and the ability to intermix them amongst each other is essential to maximizing crop yields. GPS plays a vital role in this process because it allows farmers to observe spacing plans that did not work at harvest time, and also, to observe how successful promising areas were. 

Geofencing Large Areas

The process of marking crop zones can be exceptionally tedious and time-consuming without the right equipment. Part of that equipment is GPS instruments that allow one to segregate crops without manually separating them effectively.

Find Your GPS Surveying Equipment

With all the many uses for GPS equipment in the agricultural field, it is hard to believe how successful we were before these modern marvels. However, it is also easy to see the potential uses in different industries and applications. To learn more about survey equipment and how it can help your business, contact us today!

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