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FieldGenius for Android – A Step Forward in Surveying?

A lot of us take modern surveying software for granted. The ease of use and tools available make it possible to do what was only previous possible in office software packages. However, with the discontinuation of Windows Mobile by Microsoft, the surveying industry is going to have to pivot from Windows Mobile. This means that […]

GNSS Receivers: GPS III Making a Difference

The GPS III satellites are here, and they make a difference to your RTK solutions. The S631 can use the Block 3 satellites new signals, can your reciever? What is GPS III GPS 3 is the newest itteration of GPS satellite to be launched into space, and as the name suggests is the third itteration. […]

RTK GNSS Receivers: 4 Things You Can do to Extend the Life of Your Receivers

RTK receivers can be a large and intimidating investment for a land surveyor. Ensuring you get the most out of this equipment, and extend the life span as long as possible is crucial in ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. In this article, I am going to cover 4 things you […]

GNSS Equipment: The Fine Art of a Troubleshoot

As one of our support technicians, there are multiple parts of this job that keeps it entertaining and fresh. There is always some new problem, or new question that keeps me on my toes. GNSS equipment is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn. No two calls are ever the same, and there […]