SatLab SLC Handheld RTK GIS Data Collector

$ 9,995.00 CAD


The Satlab SLC is a new breed of multi-function GNSS receiver, it is designed to work in conjunction with your existing GPS Mapping and GIS tools, providing them with cm level precision when used in RTK mode or sub-metre accuracy when operating as a stand-alone unit with DGPS or SBAS signal. The Satlab SLC GNSS receiver is perfect solution for those looking to do sub-meter GIS work. Completely handheld, the entire system is incredibly easy to walk around with and gather data. There is no need for a clucnky and cumbersome pole that is awkward and difficult to maneuver with. The entire package fits within one hand. 


  • Centimeter Level Accuracy in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Easy to Use One Button Operation
  • Runs Current GIS Software
  • Runs with Android or iOS products
  • One Time Setup


  • SLC GIS Data Collector
  • Android Tablet
  • Mounts for Phones and Tablets
  • Charger / Download Cable
  • Tablet Charger / Download Cable


The SatLab SLC handheld GIS Data collector is the ideal portable sub-meter GNSS solution. This is the receiver that you can take anywhere without having to worry about the size of the unit affecting your use. Attach any Android or iOS tablet and start collecting data right away. There is no need for expensive surveying grade data collectors, a simple Android phone will work.


Using a Novatel OEM6 receiver board capable of receiving all existing GNSS constellations signals, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo and QZSS, the SLC combines Swedish design with 120 channels of cutting edge GNSS technology. For CM level accuracy requiring RTK support, the Satlab SLC makes use of the onboard 3.5G modem and the capability to support both intRTK and NTRIP or a (VRS) virtual reference system. The receiver supports differential corrections from all formats, RTCM 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2; CMR and CMR+ and RTCA. The SLC multi-purpose GNSS receiver also supports raw data logging for post processing, and has Navigation Support for all NMEA formats. It includes an integrated high precision GNSS antenna, and is capable of accepting an external pole mounted antenna, offering you greater Geodetic positional accuracy by allowing the GIS mapping user the ability to plumb directly over a point. 


The most innovative feature of the SLC is its method of operation, rather than being a stand-alone unit, like some other GIS products, it is designed to integrate with any existing Windows, iOS or Android device, allowing you to work your existing GPS Mapping software and populating your GIS database directly from the field. T his ability to bring your own device and continually updating your GIS collection data without effecting your high precision GNSS receiver is a competitive advantage for customers in the field over their competitors.  The SLC will in many cases work with the equipment that is already issued to your field crews, becoming another tool in their tool belt. The SLC has a Bluetooth connection, as well as usb and RS-232 serial ports.


GIS Mapping equipment frequently has to endure the harshest field environments, and the SLC is engineered to take the abuse, designed to stand up to a Swedish winter. The SLC multi-function GNSS receiver is rated at IP-67, it will survive a half meter drop into water for 30 minutes and can withstand unlimited contact with dust. It will continue to operate in temperatures from -20 C to 65 C.


GNSS Mapping receivers can add efficiency to your business. Using the Satlab SLC, your crews can respond to an incident with a very accurate (cm level) mapping capabilities.  When they notice an inconsistency in your existing GIS data, they can correct the database right there in the field, because of the Satlab SLC’s ability to integrate with your existing GIS tools. Backed up by Bench-Marks technical service guarantee, the Satlab SLC multi-function GNSS receiver is the smart decision for your GIS mapping requirements.


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