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Juniper Systems Mesa3, Geode Sub Meter GPS, Uinta Data Collection Software


Juniper Systems Uinta is the ultimate customizable mapping solution. You can change the software to meet your needs, and with cloud functionality you always have the data you need. This is the software package designed to be used by anyone. When paired with Juniper’s Mesa3 and the Geode, you get an ideal sub-metre mapping package that can meet your all needs. The Mesa 3 is the Windows 10 tablet designed to be used in the field, and can withstand whatever you throw at it. The geode offers you sub-meter accuracy in a package that fits within the palm of your hand.


  • Customizable
  • User-Friendly
  • Professional Mapping
  • Efficient Data Capture
  • Share Data and Reports


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  • Juniper Mesa3
  • Juniper Geode
  • Juniper’s Uinta Software


Mesa 3

The Juniper Mesa 3 is the rugged tablet that allows you to take your office anywhere without worry. This tablet offers all the functionality of a desktop PC, in a compact and versatile tablet form. The Mesa 3 has taken everything that the Mesa 2 was renowned for and improved upon, all while keeping the same robust and reliable body. Whether that be the processor, the memory, or the over all functionality of the tablet, the Mesa 3 has the capability to get the job done no matter where you take it. This tablet is fully designed to take advantage of everything that Windows 10 has to offer. There is no need to be stuck on an out dated and finicky operating system like Windows Mobile for a second longer.


Juniper Rugged

The Juniper Mesa 3 is built to last, no matter where you take it. With an IP68 environmental rating and with an MIL-STD-810G shock rating, there is no need to worry about this tablet. It is completely shock, dust and waterproof. So whether you take it in the snow, the rain, or along for a ride, the Mesa 3 will always be ready to work when you are.


All-Day Functionality

The Mesa 3 is the tablet that is designed to be used outdoors, all-day long. Unlike other Windows 10 tablets that are designed around office use, the Mesa 3 is specifically designed for use by surveyors out in the field. With the high-strength, high-visibility, Dragontrail glass, this is the one data collector we have yet to see a broken screen on here at Bench-Mark. This is one of the only data collectors that we have ever seen that is actually visible and easy to read no matter what angle you hold it in the sun. This is all supported by the massive 43.2 W/hr battery, offering over 8 hours of continuous use before needing a charge.


Juniper Geode

The Geode Sub Meter GNSS Receiver from Juniper Systems is the ideal solution for those looking for an affordable sub-meter solution. This does not have the traditional price tag of RTK capable GNSS receivers. Often times you do not need sub-centimeter level accuracy, but can make do with sub-meter accuracy. This is where the Geode truly excels.



The Geode from Juniper Systems is a single frequency, single constellation receiver. The Geode is the simple receiver that is deigned to get the job done and do nothing else. There are no extra bells and whistles you do not need, the Geode simply gets the job done. With the ability to upgrade to GLONASS and a higher update rate, the Geode has the ability to perfectly meet your needs.



The Juniper Geode Sub-Meter GNSS Receiver is the solution that contains the tools to have the flexibility you need. To start off with the Geode has several different communication needs in order to meet your needs. The Geode has the ability to communicate over Bluetooth, with the option to upgrade the receiver to contain both a DB-9 port and a Micro USB Port. The Geode has the options to work with the equipment you already own. The Geode connect software is also compatible across multiple platforms. With Juniper’s Geode connect, you have the ability to run a, Windows, Windows Mobile or Android device with the Geode. With the Geode you truly have the flexibility to run the receiver with the solution you already own. There is no need for expensive and unnecessary equipment that only works with the Geode. The Geode also contains the option to work with standard camera accessories with the 1/4″ x 20 camera studs, or traditional surveying equipment 5/8″ threads. This is the receiver that has the ability to meet the solution you need it to. Whether you want to carry this in a backpack, on a rover pole, or a camera mono-pod, the Geode has the flexibility to meet your needs.


Juniper Rugged

The Juniper has the ability to work as long as you do. This is the receiver that is built to last for years to come, and has the battery life to last all day long. With the on-board 5300 mAh battery, you can expect around 10 hours of battery life from a Geode Sub Meter GNSS Receiver. This is not the receiver you have to carry around extra batteries for, it has the power to last the entire work day. With Overtime Technology, the Geode always has the power to work when you need it to. The Geode is also built to last. This is not the receiver you have to worry about around the job-site, it is built to take the abuse you expect it to see on site. The Geode has an IP68 environmental rating, this is the receiver that will stand up to the dust and spray you will expect to see in a days work. There is no need to put the Geode away when the going gets tough. It simply just works.


Key Features

  • Sub-Meter Accuracy
  • Real-Time Data
  • All-In-One Design: Contains both Receiver and Antenna
  • Open Interface

Ask our sales team today about the optional refresh rate, GLONASS and communication port upgrades today.

Unita by Juniper Systems 

Juniper Systems Uinta is the mapping software deisnged to be as easy to use as possible, while retaining all the customization you would ever need. With Uinta you can fully customize your work flow to meet your needs. And with the cloud sync functionality, you can get live updates from the field. Unita is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their experience, whether they are industry vetrans, or have never used GIS equipment before.


Uinta offers easy to place points, lines and areas on Google Maps, allowing you to see live updates as you go. Unita is perfect for applications such as Utility Mapping, Asset Management, Inspections, Irrigation and many more. You get the flexibility to design the system around your needs. There is no need to purchase more expensive and complicated mapping solutions, with Uinta you get to design the system to your needs.


In the field, you can navigate to points, lay out points, lay out lines and areas, while associating detailed notes, pictures and videos. This is the perfect solution for anyone who currently uses paper records to track the position and condition of anything. Uinta makes it all automated and shared over the cloud to ensure you can always see the data you need, when you need it.


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